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How to run the terminal 2 from one broker at a time

task: there are 2 accounts opened with one broker.One account you want to use for trading advisors, and on the other hand trade that is focused on the position of EA.How to be?After the installation of the second terminal of the same DC, the installer offers just check the first installation?The method has very simple.

1 .The first terminal is set as usual.

2 .And now we start the installation of the second MT4.

Run the .exe installer, press the button "Settings", where we were asked to choose the installation directory.

Installing MT4- tuning

3 .In the folder selection bar change the folder name to which the terminal will be installed to any other, but of course, that you could then recall what the :) folder.

For example, the default installation folder is named Alpari Mt4 , and we will change it to Alpari MT4 - 2 , to clearly separate the second terminal.

was so:

Installing MT4 select catalog

do so:

Installing MT4 folder name

We also offer a select group of the menu "Programs".Prescribes the same as that registered in the name of the installation di

rectory (in our example Alpari MT4 - 2 )

Click "Next" and complete the installation.

5 .Now you can through Start- & gt; programs to find both terminals and use them simultaneously.