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Important information for trading on the daily charts

Forex daily charts

Hello, dear blog readers.I advise you to take seriously the information provided below, - if you are trading on the daily and 4-hour charts, it can significantly affect the success of your trading in the forex.Regardless of the strategy.

The fact that the time on the clock in the terminal at different brokers vary.For graphs with a period less than 1 hour, it does not play value, but the 4-day clock and graphics will look different, depending on the time of opening and closing of candles.

Let's look at this example - one and the same time period, but on the charts forex brokers with different time zones.Daily charts:

Alpari (time in the terminal GMT + 2):

InterbankFx (time in the terminal GMT):

As you can see, the graphics are not as significant, but different.What does it lead and what timelines "right"?

"wrong" time of opening / closing the day (and the 4-hour candle) leads to a distortion of the Indicators and impairs the interpretation of candlestick patterns and graphical analy

sis of the figures.And this leads to inappropriate inputs / outputs of the transactions and, consequently, poor results.

So what should be the time the broker, to give us the most correct schedule for the analysis of daily candles?The answer is simple, and if you think about it, is obvious: the closing day candles should coincide with the time of the closure of the New York session (2 am Moscow time in the winter and the summer night hours).Those.we need a broker with the time in the terminal GMT + 2 in and GMT + 3 in summer, winter (do not forget that although Russia has refused to transfer hours in Europe and America the transition to winter time is still ongoing).

the above requirements, and the availability of adequate trading conditions correspond to 2 broker:

  1. Alpari (here I'll trade the)
  2. Roboforex

In addition, some companies on the charts present 6 day candles per week (one of the candles -Saturday).This, too, should not be to, once again, is not distorted by technical analysis signals.