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Configuring GMToffset - easy way

How to set the correct GMT offset manually (you need to configure some advisors) has already been analyzed.But there is another, completely automated way.

Gmt offset for your broker, we will learn with a special indicator, which is called GMToffset .

Download link at the end of the post and set GMToffset indicator (see. How to set the indicator).Attach it to any chart of any currency pair in MT4.

see something like this:

fields Description:

GMT - GMT time is currently

Broker Timezone GMT - GMT offset for your broker

Your Timezone GMT -deviation from Greenwich Mean time on the clock of your computer.

We are, of course interested only Broker Timesone GMT. Which number will be displayed on the chart opposite to this point, this is the desired setting GMT offset'a for your broker.

Download indicator

Do not forget that the use of this indicator can be only on weekdays, becauseweekend hours in the terminal stand and the offset value will be displayed incorrectly.