Forex Analysis

Brief Market Overview 01/11/2016

Hello.Let's look at a few interesting moments for trading on the Forex market on 11.01.2016


ERUSDaili 11012016

pattern formed on the inner bar EURUSD.It looks down while the price is not allowed and will continue to rise to at least 1.1000.Shopping to break 1.1000 are not considered, forward development of the situation.


USDZhPIDaili 11012016

On USDJPY fell back to a level of 119,000 and formed pin-bar.I will continue to fall towards 116.00.I continue to consider selling this pair on.


ERZhPIDaili 11012016

On EURJPY pair corrected to the level of 129.00 and formed a Doji.I would like to see a continuation of the trend down.I consider for this pair sales, but it is possible the continuation of the correction to 130,000, so neat.

Fundamental analysis


risk that the US central bank will continue to tighten monetary policy is real enough today.At the same time, the Chinese market turbulence (potreyavshem -7% at the beginning of last week) plays into the hands of hard currencies like the US dollar or British pound.

Seasonal variations, of course, also affect the American, but so far this has not stopped the US dollar index ended the growth of the past week.The report on employment, however, showed positive data that largely serve as a driver of growth in the dollar earlier in the week.

Fed outlined four readings on the interest rate in this fiscal year, which greatly strengthen the US dollar and undermine the liquidity of emerging market currencies.But today, in the wake of the increasing volatility in the currency markets, a good time to re-acquaintance with the principles of risk management.


Japanese yen suffers weakening of the Asian session

dollar strengthened by 0.21% against the JPY and closed at 117.82, after the release of the US employment report.

Investors, meanwhile, would await data on the trade balance of Japan in November, which will release today.In addition, the consumer confidence index Eco Watchers Survey for December also draws our attention.

In general, the yen may still continue to rise this week, while remaining attractive to currency hedging.However, the latest data will allow a more balanced assessment of the situation.


significant weakening of the Canadian dollar in 2015, relative frequency, relative to the US dollar, directly serve the driver for the growth of investment interest to the public and corporate pension funds, according to industry sources.

Canadian dollar could experience a positive impact due to the growing consumer interest in pension plans.

Canada today, being well diversified market goes on a desperate, but very productive over the long term move, putting pressure on the national currency due to the growth of lobbying pension schemes, in other words due to the growth in consumer spending.This practice also greatly contribute to the growth of interest rates in the medium term.