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The legacy of Steve Nison

Candlestick patterns can provide considerable assistance in trade, but to recognize them "by eye", it does not always work, you need experience and habit.Novice traders will help a special indicator.

To begin with, if you do not know what patterns of candles, you can read about them here.

Our indicator called uncomplicated: CPI ( CandleStick Pattern Indicator ).What is he doing?As soon as there is a combination of candles, it beeps, draws the graph arrow up or down, and signed the name of candlestick pattern.For your convenience I have translated the names of patterns indicator appears on the Russian language.

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Setting standard display (see. How to install forex indicator) is attached to the desired pair and timeframe.

list of combinations of candlesticks, which is able to recognize the indicator:

  • Molot (Hammer)
  • Hung (Hanging Man)
  • Acquisitions Model (Engulfing)
  • Morning Star (Morning Star)
  • Evening Star (Evening Star)
  • The veil of dark clouds (dar
    k Cloud cover)
  • Clearance in the clouds (Piercing)
  • Shooting Star (Shooting Star)
  • Inverted Hammer (Inverted Hammer)
  • Harami (Harami)
  • tops and bottoms "Tweezers"(Tweezer Tops and Bottoms)
  • capture the belt (belt Hold Line)
  • Two soaring crows (Upside gap two crows)
  • Three crows (Three crows)
  • Hold on the mat (Mat_Hold_Pattern)
  • counterattack (counterattack lines)
  • Separation (separating lines)
  • Dodge tombstone (gravestone doji)
  • long-legged doji (long-legged doji)
  • Bullish and Bearish doji (Bear and Bull doji)
  • gap tasuki (tasuki gap)
  • Related white candles (side-by-side white)
  • Three methods (three methods)
  • Three rivers, the base (three river bottom)
  • window (GAP)
  • three white soldiers (three white soldiers)
  • repulsed an offensive (advance block)
  • Braking (stalled pattern)
  • upper gap method three and a lower gap method three (Upside gap three Methods and Downside gap three Methods)
  • triple blow (Three-line strike)
  • at the neckline (On neck line)

description of these models have a manual in PDF-which is in the archive indicator.CPI is able to run on any currency pair, metals and stocks.It supports all timeframes.

Description indicator settings CPI

Show strong reversal patterns - on / off showing strong reversal patterns

Show weak reversal patterns - on / off showing weak reversal patterns

Show continuation patterns - on / off fashion show continuing trend

Show Unclassified - on / off showing additional patterns

View Bars - as the last candle into account

Sound Alert -on / off beep when a candlestick pattern

Sell color - the color of the arrows down to bearish

Buy color - the color of the arrows up for bullish signals

text color - text colorchart

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important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4

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