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Forex Market Outlook for Monday 01.18.2016

Hello.Below is some advice on forex trading on 18.01.2016



On USDCHF trading in most of the sales, but it looks like the price down is not allowed to form a small pin-bar.I go to update past highs, but of transactions of purchase will not comment, becausePrices move to 1.0100 is very small.


NZDOSDaili 01/18/2016

On NZDUSD down to a still lower level of 0.6400 and formed a pattern Pin Bar.The level is quite strong and may begin to move up at least a correction.I think there is a reason to try to buy, despite the fact that the last days moved down almost recoilless.


HAUUSDaili 18012016

the gold price rebounded from the level of 1082.18 pattern formed inside bar and it looks like is going to continue to grow, eventually expanding trend.I think it is worth considering the purchase by pattern or look for them in the younger periods.

Fundamental analysis


Asian markets did not have time to relax after a crazy auction last week, after falling sharply on Monday.

Nikkei 225 index opened at 315.68 point

s down, losing 1.87% to 16.826.93 and fell 445 points to 3.7% in the first 30 minutes of trading.China's Shanghai Composite fell more than 3% to 2.902 in mid-morning trading.

US markets, meanwhile, closed due to the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.Monday's losses reflect the worst two weeks beginning of the year in Japan, the Nikkei with a reduction of almost 2000 points, or 9.9%.

Just this highlights the market turmoil on Wall Street, as well as the fact that the three major indices Dow, Nasdaq Composite and the S & amp;P 500 officially entered the correction, with a fall of 10% from recent highs.

Trading in Tokyo are expected to remain volatile this week because of concerns about the continuing decline in oil prices and Chinese economic data.

Oil fell to mnee $ 30 a barrel on Friday, the second time in a week, but remained closed and there this time, denoting a new 12-year low.

Shanghai Composite Index dropped to 3.55% to 2.900.97, to its lowest level since 8 December 2014, due to concern about the resumption of growth in the Chinese economy against the background of low global stocks.Shanghai Composite Index fell more than 20% from their peak in December, officially having left the territory of the bear market.


Australian dollar dived to the very low levels over the past seven years on Friday.On Monday uzzi trading at 68.69 US cents, slightly recovering from its last trading price at 69.54 cents on Friday.

Aussie fell to 68.29 US cents on Friday night, the lowest level since March 2009, against the background of disappointing data from the global stock market and due to the ongoing decline in oil.At the moment, it is more than 6% decline during the year.

Just immersion Australian influenced Shanghai Composite Index lost 3.55% on Friday.Chinese economic data to be released tomorrow, yet could undermine the position of the Australian during the week.

risk that data from China will continue to disappoint, can go on further fears about how the economic slowdown in China will continue to affect the commodity currencies.Easing oil prices also fall sposobstvovuet avstraliysogo dollar, especially after the appearance of the news that the sanctions against Iran were finally removed.The International Atomic Energy Agency palagaet that country curbed their ability to develop nuclear weapons.Iran, in turn, announced that it plans to increase oil production by half a million barrels a day.