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THV CaveManager - advanced control position

Advisor THV CaveManager download Advisor THV Cavemanager was originally developed for a trading strategy THV System, but it can be without any problems be used as an auxiliary tool to work with any system.CaveManager not open position, it only provides the ability to automate the capture of various schemes of profit and loss control.This tool is designed especially for scalpers.

Advisor settings THV CaveManager

UsePivots_for_TP - on / off the use of pivot for issuing take profit

Include_Mid_Levels_SR - whether to add additional levels of Pivot

TP_1st_Lots_Percent, TP_2nd_Lots_Percent, TP_3rd_Lots_Percent - a percentage of the amount of the position, which will be closed when the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level of the pivot.

Local__HrsServerTzFromGMT - GMT offset of your broker

Show_1Daily_2FibonacciPivots - if there is one, will be used standard pivots.If 2 - that based on fibo.

Auto_Adjust_For_DST - on / off auto-correction to move the summer (Advisor looks at the broker time to time in Russia, Ukraine or

where you live, he does not care)

DST_Zone - area Auto_Adjust_For_DST. 1-US, 2-EU (most European broker model used), 3-AUS, 4-NZ, 5-configure itself.

UseTP_By_Batch - on / off step taking take profit.Installation of crossings and steps in percent of the whole positions.

UseNoLossAfterPips - on / off the use of the translation position to breakeven after N pips

NoLossAfterPips - the level (in points) for the parameter UseNoLossAfterPips

UseLoss_by_Batch - step stoploss.Similarly, the parameter UseTP_By_Batch not for a take, and for losses.

Use_ATR_Stop_Loss - on \ off using ATR for issuing the stop-loss.

ATR_Period_SL - period ATR

ATR_SL_Factor - multiplier for ATR

Use_ATR_Target_Profit - on \ off setting take-profit at ATR.The settings are similar to Use_ATR_Stop_Loss

Default settings for a simplified management

TakeProfit, StopLoss - levels of profits and losses of taking

UseTrailiingStop - on \ off trailing stop

Trailing_Stop_Pips - level the trailing stop

UseTrailPriceByPercentage - on \ off trailing on the basis of a percentage of profit.

MinPipsToActivate - level of profit in points, after which activated UseTrailPriceByPercentage

PercentageTrailBehindPrice - a percentage of the profits inherent in the trailing stop.

Use_ATR_TrailingStop - on \ off the trailing stop based on the ATR (have setup period and the multiplier for the ATR).

Use_Trail_By_Candle_HL - use a trailing points based on High / Low of the last candle closed down.

Pips_Behind_Candle_HL - distance in points from High / Low to stop.

Activate_After_Pips - profit level (in points) to activate Use_Trail_By_Candle_HL

Use_Preceding_TP - on \ off automatically stop the movement at the N points on the current price after the activation of the trailing stop.

Preceding_TP_Pips - level points for setting Use_Preceding_TP

Show_Status - on \ off display of the current status of the adviser.

Broker_Allow_Micro_Lot_Size - whether allows the broker to use micro lots (0.01, 0.02, etc.)

How to start?

Set adviser on the chart with a pair, which you are going to trade and set up on your own.Take a position and an expert will manage it.

Can I install THV CaveManager into several charting a currency pair?

No.A schedule with an advisor for each pair.Otherwise, the expert will try to control the same position several times.

Can I open more than one position on one pair at a time, to THV CaveManager they controlled?

No.THV CaveManager able to work with only one position at a time.

Download Advisor THV CaveManager


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