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Cool lotion for manual trading , look everyone!

Cool Advisor Assistant DDSMM Hello!Remember the wonderful formula "DDSMM"?Many use it in their trading, because it is simply convenient.So, there is its automatic version, where no table you do not need.And "Auto DDSMM" makes it possible not only to calculate the size of the trading lot on the machine, according to that same formula, but also to open the transaction in one click, move the stop loss / take profit with the mouse directly on the chart, sing, dance, and a lot ofwhat else!By the way, is this utility helper already $ 1600, but for the readers of our forex blog, as usual, free :)

Opportunities Adviser-Assistant "DDSMM»

  1. Automatic calculation of the lot in accordance with the formula "DDSMM ".
  2. Trade in a single click, including pending orders.
  3. Easy and fast translation of the transaction to breakeven.
  4. Rapid activation of the trailing stop.
  5. Change stop loss / take profit with the mouse directly on the chart.

Installation Advisor "DDSMM»

0. Download and install the Metatrader 4 terminal

1. Copy the contents

of a folder 1 in the installation folder Metatrader 4, agree to replace files with the same name.

2. Copy the contents of a folder in the Terminal 2 data directory.

How to get there?
To get to the data directory in the terminal press File - & gt; Open Data catalog

Product Information

3. Restart terminal.

4. Open the Metatrader 4 terminal, go Service - & gt; Settings
Select Advisors tab and tick stamped as shown below.Hit OK .

5. The Navigator panel (usually at the bottom left) click the plus sign in front of section Advisors.

6. Next, drag the mouse Advisor Instant DDSMM to pre-open a graph c the desired currency and timeframe.

7. Change the settings according to your level of risk and deposit, click OK.

settings Description

Starting Point Account Balance - initial deposit

Max Drawdown Risk Percent - the maximum allowable drawdown (in percentage)

Max Risk Per Trade Percent - the percentage of the risk of the deposit on the transaction

max Stop Loss Pips - maximum use stop-loss

default Stop Loss Pips - Stop-Loss, exhibited at the opening of the default transaction.

Default Take Profit Pips - Take-Profit, at the opening of the exhibition on the default transaction.

Magic ID - ID Orders, open "Auto DDSMM»

Trade Comment - comment on the positions

Enable Sounds - on / off sounds

BE Plus Pips - how many points to the opening price of the warrants allow the activation transfer function to breakeven

Trail stop activate Pips - profit order level to activate the trailing stop

Trail stop Away From price Pips - treyling- sizestop

What is trailing stop?

Enable Stealth Trailing - on / off use of a trailing stop at the program level.If you disable this option, the trailing stop is sent to the broker server.

Download Assistant automatically "DDSMM»

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