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Hello friends!I hope everything is already came to life after the holidays (I'm here again I can not begin to wake up before noon) and are ready to return to trading in the forex market.Today I want to present you a long-term adviser Forex Remover.No martingale, averaging and other dangerous tactics in him.As the authors say, - "it is time to clean up the mess in the automatic forex tradingĀ» :)

Platform: the Metatrader 4
Advisor Version: 1.02
Currency pair: EURUSD
Timeframe: M30
Hours: Round the clock
Recommended DC: Alpari, RoboForex

Note: Before you ask stupid questions in the comments, be sure to read FAQ on installing, configuring and trade advisors . From the beginning to the end.

advisor's strategy is based on finding the points of overbought and oversold by using Bollinger Bands, and also used ATR moving average.Transactions open as the trend or against it.Unfortunately, my knowledge of the code does not allow to speak about expert strategy more accurately.

take profit and stop-

loss at Forex Remover dynamic, ie,It varies depending on the market situation.Interestingly, the adviser can hardly be called scalpers, becausetake profit may exceed 200 points in individual cases.It can not but rejoice.The level of stop-loss of 135 points, but in the application of stealth mode (when the adviser does not send data on the feet on the broker server, and control their virtual) may get a loss in excess of this level.BecauseForex Remover closes position only at the opening of a 30-minute candles.Bektesty show better results with the use of stealth mode, sinceit allows an expert in some cases, the loss to "sit."


(Risk = 3, stealth = true, the quality of the simulation 99%)

Accounts monitoring

From the developers (most likely the demo):

independent monitoring:

Description Forex settings Remover

Magic - identifier orders belonging Forex Remover

Order_Comment - commentary on orders advisor.

Slippage - maximum slippage (in points) when opening a position

Stealth - when entering this mode Advisor does not send data on the take-profit and stop-loss at the broker server.It is better to keep this option turned on (true).

MM - enable / disable the automatic calculation of the lot

Lot - fixed trading lot at off MM.

Risk - the level of risk as a percentage of the deposit for each position.It engages when the MW.

Risk _ Max - the maximum permissible level of risk.Kind of fuse.

It should be noted that the behavior of different brokers Forex Remover advisor is somewhat different.This is due to the fact that the Bollinger bands (namely the indicator Advisor uses for inputs and outputs) on charts of different Data Centers can be displayed with slight differences due to the difference in the flow of the quotation.

What do we have in the end?Profit Forex Remover gives you a small, but adequate strategy (watch the test owls in visual mode), nice looking bektesty and positive reviews on the web (I'm talking about real users, not the advertisers) suggest a "cleaner" as a reliableas far as this word is applicable in the realities of forex, long-term advisor who does not make you a millionaire, but certain profit as a whole will bring.

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Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4

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