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How to increase the profit from the transaction is 3-4 times

Squeeze all of the market - how to increase the profit from the transaction is 3-4 times only for aggressive traders!

Hello friends!I am sure that many intraday traders, and not only familiar with the situation when the whole day sitting behind the monitor and forex trading, caught only 2-3 really high-quality signal to enter the market.You earn at each his 15-30 points and that's it."It will be small!" - Very often you can hear from bold traders.So is it possible to increase the profit from the transaction, not much increasing the risk at the same time?Yes it is possible.

Restrictions on profit

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Whether you are a beginner in trading or you for many years of work experience - you can with all certainty that you do not earn serious money in the Forex market, for two very simplebut rather weighty reasons:

1. Approximately 95% of the time the market is in flat.You can sit for hours in front of the charts waiting for the big move to fund your trading account.And you can just wait for days and never see the movement of more than 40 or 50 points, that price can take place in a

few hours.And, of course, when a lot of traffic occurs, it always seems that you missed or slept for some time to enter the market.

All that is really important - it's what you spend most of your time looking at how your position at some point in time moves slowly up or down without making substantial profits, which would be worth saying.

2. Another existing problem - is yourself!I'm not trying to so offend anyone, but the thing is that people are driven by greed and fear, especially in trading.If at the moment when you have an open position, the price is really moving in our direction, our masters greed, and we wait a little longer in the hope to take a few more points, but then see how the movement fades before our eyes, and in the end, we get a small profit or go to zero.

Or, even worse, we are opening a position with the intention to take the 30 points, and when we see that the price, having seven points in the direction of our positions, starting some time fletovat, seizes us fear that we were wrong, and close the position withnegligible profit, and then annoyance are watching as the price continues to move 30 points after going in our direction, but without us."Fear of loss" overcome our greed, and we got a small profit.

How to be?

Regarding the first problem (the market in flat).Neither you nor I can make the market go through 200 or 300 points during the day.

And now with regard to the second problem.

Greed and fear of loss can be easily overcome, and even use for their own purposes, subject to certain conditions.We succumb to greed, simply because we need to take from the market enough points to justify the time that we spend on trading.Since most of our trading does not meet this need, we ultimately lose the gift of time trying to squeeze a few more items of trade, which, in fact, is good, and as a result with almost all lose.

But what if there was a way to "squeeze out" a few additional points from anyone, even the worst trade?

As you look at it, to take from the market 75 points in its motion only 20 points?

Or, if the market was 30 points, and you have earned 105 points in this?

Or, finally, to make worthy, when the market goes to 40 points, and you have done all of this movement 165 points?

Is this enough to meet your needs in the settlements?

Would you like to one day your profits increased by 75, 100, even 200 points?

Of course, yes.

there a way to starting to use that right now, you could IMMEDIATELY overcome all restraints have negative emotions, and that would allow you to immediately start earning additional revenue available for earnings in the Forex market, the existence of which you still have not noticed.

you are ready to release "the Beast"?

Forex Advisor The Beast download

you come to the aid of utility The Beast !Or "The Beast" in Russian.

The Beast - a program designed for the Metatrader 4 platform, which allows you to "zoom in" winning position (to add additional items to the original position), it will give you 2, 3, 4, even 10-fold increase compared with a profit,that you could get when making only one transaction.

But at the same time using a trailing stop, built-in auxiliary tool The Beast, you can limit your losses, which will not be more than if you might have if the market went against your single position.


Our tool is designed as a counselor that you want to attach to the chart of the currency pair you are trading.Installed in the terminal as well as any other adviser.Here are the steps.

Advisor will not trade itself, do not worry.Its practical use is shown in the video at the beginning of Lent.

How open orders using the utility The Beast

Opening a position in the program The Beast has the same algorithm as the normal discovery orders.Do not forget to click on the schedule, "noting his" before the opening of the order.

Within a few seconds you will see a hand placed your order, which will be shown on the graph as a dashed green line.After a few seconds you will see a number of green dotted lines.These are your pending orders of the adviser.

settings Description

  • Magic Number - ID, which marks its transaction adviser.Do not change.
  • Lot - lot size for pending orders.Default 0.1.
  • Additional Trades - you can set the number of pending orders that you want the program to The Beast created for you.
  • PipsInterval - Number of points between the pending orders.
  • FollowManualTrade TP / Sl - when you turn on these features take-profit and stop-loss for otlozhek will be copied to the position opened manually.
  • Take Profit, Stop-Loss - the ability to set a fixed TP and SL default otlozhek.
  • Trailing Stop - the level of trailing stop.A value of 0 does not work.
  • Slippage - the maximum slip when opening an order.

Early closure of all orders

In the upper left corner of the chart with the established advisor is the inscription « Close All Now ».If you delete this object, The Beast immediately close all open orders and pending.


If you open a deal with the adviser The Beast, and then want to open trade in the opposite direction, you can not do that.Otherwise, EA will flounder in their orders.

P.S.In more detail the use of the auxiliary counselor The Beast discussed in the video tutorial at the beginning of the review.

Download sub advisor to The Beast

dovnload - BLK - Green

Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4