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Overview MetaTrader 4 for Ipad

Metatrader 4 for Apple Ipad

Hello!Something that all have been waiting for - went mobile terminal MetaTrader 4 for Ipad tablet from Apple.For those who do not know - there was previously only version for smart phones, use it on the tablet was extremely uncomfortable.So what are the possibilities for portable trade forex in Ios system gives us a new terminal?See our video review.

Overview Metatrader 4 forex trading app for Ipad

To download the application, let's zaydёm in Apple Store.To find the right program for us, is to take advantage of the search box.

When the application is downloaded, run it by clicking on the terminal icon.After opening the program you have here such here box appears:


We offer to open a demo account or log into an existing account.

If you decide to create a demo account, you will need to choose a service MetaQutes-Demo.Also, in the search box you can enter the name of the broker you.As you enter information about it in the search bar available options will be displayed:


data of your profile, enter After selecting a broker.Everything is exactly the same as the version on the PC:


To open an existing account, it is necessary in the initial window to enter the data of your account.For example, we create a new demo account.

Once the parameters are entered, click Finish and wait for the download of data.From your Internet connection download speed depends.

As a result, you should open a window here such here:


Default opened hourly chart AUDCAD.And immediately added to the RSI.

begin the study with the bottom of this application, which is called "Terminal»:


In this window, we present the following tabs: "Trade", "History", "Mail", "News" and "History".They perform the same functions as in the PC version.

tab "Trade", we can observe our balance, open positions, price, stop loss, take profit, profit and comments:


tab "History", we can see deposits and withdrawals from the account, closed position, P & L.


tab "Mail", you can view the various notifications which sends us to the broker:


tab "News" come various news reports:


tab "History" - shows the local events in ourterminal:


Just besides tabs on this panel, we can see a small button with a plus sign:


If you click on it, then we will open the window issuing orders.To this we shall return later.

Now let's move on to the vertical icons.First we see an icon with a silhouette of man:


This tab shows the current account, which registered an account on the account and the amount of data transferred.

If you press the key, then highlight Password Management window:


If you click on this tab on the plus sign, you will be able to create another demo or visit already available for your account.


Next icon opens a window for us to market review:


Inside, we present a list of currency pairs.By default, not all are shown, but you can easily add other currencies.

If you click on the pencil, then it will be possible for you to remove unnecessary currency pair:


In order to add a currency pair, you will need to click on the plus sign.This will open a similar menu as when you select characters in the PC version:


Let's add EURUSD.To do this, click on the green plus sign.Add a currency and click Finish.As a result, the bottom appears the currency pair EURUSD:


You can also see information about the currencies by clicking on the tab "in detail".You will see the value of price changes in recent years:


You can view the Bid price, Ask, and the current spread.In general, here is a more detailed information about price and currency pair as a whole.

next item menu is marked vertical window chat:


This is an opportunity to exchange messages, if you are registered on the portal do not use this feature because I do not consider it useful in your trading.But the ability to communicate in the present application.Perhaps in the future it will be possible to chat and somehow use it, but now this feature is designed "for show".

And the last tab - New Order Window:


This window we have seen in the beginning.

You must first choose the amount you want to set.Then choose the currency pair and set up pursuant to the market, or the exposure limit order.Everything is the same as in the PC version.

After entering the data will notify you that the order has been accepted:


And after a few seconds, and the order will be displayed on the graph:


Now tab "Trade", we can only see that the open order.

As you can see, after the opening of the order of creation window closes.On the one hand it is convenient, but if you want to open multiple orders, you'll have to re-open the panel.

following icons, which are located in the vertical menu, refer to the chart settings.

If you click on the icon crosshairs, then the graph will cross hairs is the same as in the PC version:


It helps to view current data, the opening time of a candle and find out the prices in one or another point on the graph.

If you attempt to dissolve two fingers on the graph to the side, the scale of the graph will increase, if the fingers are reduced, the scale is reduced.Everything takes place in the same way as with the control images on the device.

If you long to hold a single point on the graph, you will see here are here crosses in front of the window display and front of the chart window:


If you click on the cross, then the display window is closed:


If you click on the crossin the chart window, the chart itself off:


in order to open the schedule for a particular currency pair, you need to go out the window "market Watch".

Next, click on the desired currency pair:


and select "Chart" in the window that appears.This is how to open the schedule of currency you are interested in:


Note that all schedules are opened with the same indicator set, as in the previous chart.Our schedule was last opened with RSI indicator, the schedule opens with the same.

If you click on our currency pair again, you can select the Properties tab:


Here Set the spread, the size of the contract, swap type and other indicators:


If you want to open just 2 different schedule, you canuse the button "New schedule".

second graph to see just will not work.For it to be displayed on the screen of your tablet, you need to go to the settings by clicking on here this button:


can be selected in the window that opens as the second graph will be displayed in relation to the first:

Now I chose a vertical display:


Thus, it is possible to track just two graphs.

Note that the method for isolating the desired schedule is the same as in the PC version, and it is to click on it.

schedule is highlighted blue frame:


next tab on the vertical panel responsible for setting the display of graphs:


Default installed candlestick.You can configure the schedule as you will be more convenient.

For example, I switched on the first graph line:


You can enable and disable the display of output and trade levels.

If you turn OHLC setting, in the upper left corner of the chart will display the data of the current candle:


And if you choose a crosshair, then the data candle will be shown, which corresponds to the middle:


next available function -"data window".In this application, it is not the same as the PC version.In our case it is made in the form of a small window:


When you move the crosshair in the window are displayed the date and value of the indicator.

Next button with «f» the letter is responsible for adding indicators:


indicators This annex is not much, but there are classic.

add some of his advisers and the indicators can not be in the mobile terminal.And, unfortunately, such a possibility in the future will not be.Therefore, you can not build false illusions.Use only those indicators that are set in the application by default.

The last icon on the vertical panels - is changing the timeframe:


Here everything is simple.The default is H1.You can choose any time frame that you need.

In this review of the application for the Apple Ipad ends.Of course, I want to say that at the moment there is a lot of flaws.Many functions are categorically not enough in this application.

Hopefully, in the future, developers will add new features and improve the stability of the application.On this I have everything.Good luck with your trading.