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Fxvoodoo supplement Advisor download Greetings to all, looked into the forex blog.Today we look with an auxiliary tool FxVoodoo Supplement , originally intended for slivatora FxVooDoo, but able to work with any expert.What is he doing?Supplement exposes pending limit orders at a distance of N pips from the entry point of your advisor (any) and thus allows to profit in cases where the position of councilor goes minus, but then returned to the plus.Let's look at an example to make it clearer.

Take a look at the screenshot above (increased by clicking with the mouse).For example, some of your advisor to open a sell position at the point X c take-profit of 70 points.As we see later, at point Z Take load, but before that the price of getting to the point Y and our order went into negative by as much as 87 points.Support Supplement expert could place a pending Sell Limit order at the same distance from our entry point, and we could get an additional 150 points of profit.

If the position of the main (our) advisor is just a plus, and the

price does not reach the pending orders trailers Supplement, all otlozhki removed when the take-profit.Supplement allows you to set up to three pending orders at different distances from the point of entry into the position.

For a better understanding of the principles of work of the subsidiary expert, put it on a demo and watch for a while behind him.


1. Open another of the same schedule, the same currency and the timeframe in which your advisor is.For example, your advisor is the chart EURUSD M1, then open another of the same chart EURUSD M1 and attach to it FxVooDoo Supplement .

2. Go to the Supplement configuration and parameter Voodoo_MagicNumber set the same as the Magic have your chief adviser (Magic usually can be found in the expert settings), average position where we're going.

3. Enter the values ​​you want stops the take, the distance for pending orders, etc.Supplement to the settings.Hit Ok .

settings Description FxVooDoo Supplement

Voodoo_MagicNumber - Magic (ID) councilor whose position Supplement will be averaged.

RiskPercentage - if all the positions opened and the main expert and Supplement to the sum achieved this level of loss (as a percentage), all positions will be closed.The default is 100% - iethis option is not enabled.

TotalPositions - how many pending orders have operated Supplement.

Next is a description of the parameters for the first pending order Supplement, exactly the same settings are available for the 2 nd and 3 rd orders, so repeated and write the same thing I'm not three times.

Lots1 - lot size for the first pending order Supplement

Distance1 - the distance (in points) from the position of our advisor, where Supplement will put the first pending order

TP1 - Take-profit pending order

SL1 - stop-loss orders

TrailingSL1 - on \ off the trailing stop for the first otlozhki.

BEP1 - how many points to add to the opening price of the translation of the position to breakeven

Pips_forBEP_setup1 - the level of profit of the order (in points) for his transfer to breakeven.

MagicNumber1 - Magic for the first pending order.We need to have our chief adviser has touched Supplement orders.

Comments - comment on the pending orders.It can be any.

Of course, we should not forget that if the price will continue to move against our position, by opening additional orders via Supplement, we finally can get an even greater loss.This is not the grail, but only a tool.

summarize: FxVoodoo Supplement can be used if you have available there advisor who traded in positive territory, but often leave his position in the negative, before closing with a profit.

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