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Hello friends!On our forex portal has many lessons on trading strategies, auxiliary indicators, etc.But there is another tool, which is highly dependent on: whether you are successful in the Forex market or not.For a long time I did not advertise it, but the time has come.Get ready to change your trade once and for all.

How to start making money on Forex without knowledge, experience, and risk of losing money?

simple tool that allows you to experience several years of trading in just a few hours

Would you like to learn the experience of ten years of trading in the Forex just hours ?Quickly test your strategy and start making some serious money tomorrow?

Most likely, your answer is "Yes."But how to do this if:

  • you now do not have enough experience;
  • you do not want to risk a live account with real money;
  • You do not have months or years to practice with a demo account ...

is impossible?Not at all ...

As usual new trader comes to Forex?

lured with promises of quick

money and blinded by the desire to make money as quickly as possible, he invests his money in a real account.After he loses the first-second-third, comes the understanding that to earn on Forex, you need to gain experience .And without the risk of losing money.

For this, he gets a demo account.Over time, a demo account ceases to satisfy his needs: changes occur too slowly, and in order to gain trading experience, he will need a year or two or three.

But already want to quickly start trading with real money!Discovering the real position and win real money.But this requires experience in the trade.Moreover, it is desirable to fast.

Fast experience without risk of losing money ... "It does not happen" - you say.And you will be wrong.

What is Forex Tester?


Forex Tester - is a professional program for traders pretending to trade in the Forex market.Thanks to more than ten years of historical data program completely solves the problem of the lack of experience of the trader.

To fit:

  • beginners , who want as quickly as possible to learn how to trade, but do not want to risk with real money;
  • Traders , who have already tried to trade, but quickly lost their money due to lack of experience;
  • Professionals with extensive experience to fine-tune their strategies.

Why use Forex Tester?

Why use Forex Tester

program is designed to check for any forex strategy for manual trading on historical data, the spark of a candle.She is also a trainer for the trader makes using simulation receive a one-year experience in forex trading just one hour (depends on the timeframe traded).

Using the program, the trader is able to test the strategy on history of several years in just a few hours, without risking money.

uses real data in the history of currency rates accelerated simulation "as it was."This allows you to spend the day trading duration of 5 years.

For a trader it means only one thing: getting the shopping experience in mega-accelerated mode.

If the same mistakes when trading, there is the possibility to go back in time and to adjust its strategy, opening the transaction again.

Fight bud

you get:

  • The ability to test these years just for a few hours;
  • more 10 years of historical data to test your strategy;
  • Full control testing procedures;
  • Adjustable feed rate adjustment quotations;
  • Ability to pause to analyze the situation;
  • movement on bars both forward and backward (with full recovery has closed transactions);
  • Synchronize all currencies and time frames for the time and at the same time they change as a real terminal;
  • And most importantly - you do not see the right side of the graph until you open a deal!Those.all in real time.


  • Professional set of standard indicators, including Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, MACDs, Pivot Points, Parabolic-SAR, RSI, Stochastic, Keltner Channels, Heiken Ashi candles, and many others;
  • ability to create and add a new program custom indicators.

But that's not all! The latest version added the ability to test on real tick data, that raises the accuracy of the results to almost 100% .

Currently, functionality of full-fledged counterparts program does not exist .

All this means that now many experienced traders use Forex Tester.

Advantages demo account:

  • Obtaining trading skills in Forex market without the risk of losing real money;
  • test any trading strategies;
  • testing any time period of history;
  • Possibility to postpone testing and continue it in any time suitable for you;
  • ¬ęThe Time Machine": the ability to go back in time and undo or redo the transaction closed;
  • control test speed;
  • Repeated testing strategy for the same period of history with different parameters.

addition, Forex Tester simple and straightforward even for a novice trader and has an intuitive interface.For all aspects of the program have detailed video tutorials.Permanent connection to the Internet program is also not required.

How much?

Forex Tester program - the cost

I agreed with the official developer of discount for its subscribers.When ordering from our site for your special price is valid :

100 $ 85 $

Fight bud

What is the result of using the program?

result of the use of the program will receive the huge trading experience, skills in an accelerated mode.You will save yourself a lot of years of trading and life.

you check any forex strategy at history, as well as easy to test the ideas and all kinds of changes to its own strategy.

Then, having huge experience in the trade 10 years, start making money much faster and more , than planned.

Fight bud the request of the workers, we recorded a few lessons in dealing with Forex Tester: