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Forex Advisor Magic Champ II Pro download Forex Advisor GloryChampion from German developers noteworthy good test on the history and monitoring real account since 2009 (!) Years.During this time, EXPERT showed himself with a very positive side.

Advisor Features GloryChampion

Platform: the Metatrader 4

version Adviser: 1.61

Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD

Timeframe: M5

Hours: Round the clock

Recommended DC: Alpari,Forex4You

front of us non-stop Advisor-scalper often deal closed with a profit / loss in the region of 10-15 points, but in some cases, take-profit and stop-loss can be as high as 50-60 old items.

main strength lies in the thoughtful advisor managing the size of the position based on the value of the stop-loss (it is dynamic), as well as the closing of positions by parts.So turn off automatic money management in GloryChampion is not recommended.

Code Advisor is extremely complex and big, so to say something specific about the basis for the entries in the market can not.It is known that involved Stochastic, rsi

and many other indicators, and other conditions.


(All settings are standard)


magich Champ and about ёrosd basktest


magich Champ and about gbposd basktest

tests advisor on the history of smooth and beautiful, just like those charts forex software huckster lure buyers.However GloryChampion boasts a much more valuable asset - monitoring the real account already since 2009, and it is time.

So, here are two monitors actual accounts provided by the authors of the adviser (since 2009 GloryChampion earned on these two accounts almost 30,000 euros):

We can also monitor the forward-test by Burt (, but he started only recently, so little data.

Note that for proper operation of the adviser GloryChampion before the first start-up, data from all plots M1 to H4.To do this, open the chart of EURUSD and sequentially switch the timeframes in this chart from M1 to H4, waiting for a full load and display graphics on each of the timeframes.The same must be done for the pair GBPUSD.

And, of course, do not forget to check out the FAQ by working with advisers before shouting that you have "nothing works."

Description Advisor settings

Magic Number - parameter required Adviser to distinguish their position from the open position, the open hand or other advisers .

SplitLot - On / Off partial closing of positions at the exit from the transaction

LongAllowed - enable / disable the opening of transactions for the purchase

ShortAllowed - enable / disablethe opening of transactions on sale

The advisor is available three types of money management (see. below).Adjusting each of them in a separate section.

MM1: Fixed Fractional Money Management (FFM)

MoneyManagement_Variant = 1 - Advisor to risk a fixed percentage of the balance in each transaction.Stop-loss is dynamic, so the size of the lot will be different in each transaction, depending on the stop.

Risk _ long _ Percent - percentage risk per trade for shopping

Risk _ short _ percent - percentage risk per trade sales

Use _ Adaptive _ MM - on / off alternative(optional) payment of the lot, based on the accumulated profit.Accumulated profit is considered separately for the transactions on purchase and sale transactions on.When opening a position, counselor divides the accumulated profit in the pre-divider ( Divisor ) and, if the resulting dollar number is greater than the result parameter Risk _ Percent , then it will be usedhow to stop loss and the basis for setting the size of the lot position.

Divisor _ Long , Divisor _ Short - divider options Adaptive _ MM for transactions for the purchase and sale, respectively.

Example of Adaptive_MM options:

Starting balance $ 10000 // Risk_Percent = 3 // Divisor_Long = 8
Current account balance $ 16000 = 10000 + 6000 starter profit (5,000 purchases and 1,000 in sales)
footprint calculation.position to buy:
Risk 1 (based on Risk_Percent) = 16,000 $ x 3% = 480 $
Risk 2 (on Adaptive_MM basis) = Profit on purchases / Divisor_Long = 5000/8 = 625 $
= & gt; & gt; & gt;Risk 2 (based on Adaptive_MM) more than one risk, so Advisor installs lot orders on the basis of the amount of risk obtained at Adaptive_MM calculations.

MM2: ReInvest Money-Management

MoneyManagement _ Variant = 2 - Advisor to risk a fixed number of units of the currency of the deposit on the transaction + percentage of all previous earnings/ advisor losses.Calculated separately for purchases and sales.

BasicRisk _ L - fixed risk in the currency of the deposit on the transaction for purchases.

BasicRisk _ S - fixed risk in the currency of the deposit on the transaction for the sale.

Reinvest _ PcL -What percentage of all profits / losses on all orders for the purchase to add to a fixed risk for shopping ( BasicRisk _ L )

Reinvest _ PcS -What percentage of all profits / losses on all orders for sale to add to the risk of fixed sales ( BasicRisk _ S )

MaxRisk _ PcL , MaxRisk _ PcS - the maximum percentage on the transaction riska percentage of the balance (for purchases and sales separately) using ReInvest Money-Management.

MM3: Fixed Lotsize per Trade

MoneyManagement _ Variant = 3 - Advisor will trade fixed lot.For sales and purchases of auction exhibited in separate parameters

Lots _ Long , Lots _ Short - fixed lot for transactions for the purchase andsale respectively.

OrderOpen_withSLTP - analogue ECN option.If you set to true, then the take and feet will be added at the time of opening of the order if false, then after the opening of the order.If in doubt, leave false - works on all types of accounts.

Break _ After _ SL - break (in minutes) in the counselor after triggering a full stop-loss.

Auto _ Trade _ Open - enable / disable the advisor GloryChampion open position automatically (without confirmation from the user).

Auto _ SL _ Management , Auto _ TP _ Management - option to disable automatic control of the take-profit and stop-loss by the advisor and ask them yourself.Only for advanced users !!!

Also present setting restrictions on trade adviser at the time - do not change anything unless you know what you are doing !!!

MaxSpread - maximum spread at which the adviser will make transactions.For example if you set this parameter to 5, then the spreads is more than 5 points, with ovetnik will not sell, and will open positions only when the spread is less than 5.

Slippage - allowable slippage (in points).

My opinion about GloryChampion extremely positive, negative reviews about it on the net is not, although it is on sale for a long time.Without a doubt, an expert deserves attention.

Download Advisor GloryChampion

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Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4