Forex Analysis

Several trade ideas on 01/02/2016

Hello.Let's see what's on the Forex market on Monday 1.02.2016

Calendar anticipated events

11:55 Eurozone.index of business activity in the manufacturing sector in Germany
12:30 UK.index of business activity in the manufacturing sector
18:00 US.index of business activity in the manufacturing sector
19:00 Eurozone.ECB President Draghi


ERUSDaili 1022016

On EURUSD bounced back from the upper limit outset just below 1.1000 and formed absorption.Day closed again near the bottom outset border area 1,0850-1,0800.In the open positions have a slight advantage of buyers, and may continue to fall.But how far descend still unclear, and so on until the transaction must give up and wait for the final exit from the outset.


AUDOSDaili 1022016

On AUDUSD pair formed a Doji pattern at the level of 0.71000.Perhaps start downward correction, but overall I think the growth will continue to 0,7300-0,73500.Transactions not necessary to make for the pattern, asIt has no bottom support.


HAUUSDaili 1022016

on gold formed inner

bar at 1109.00.I should not expect continued growth after correction.I consider this to buy a pair with the immediate goal of 1153.74.

Fundamental analysis


Asian stocks started the new month on a slightly more solid foundation of today, contributing to the accommodation of monetary policy in Japan and Europe, but traders are cautious against the backdrop of renewed activity in the industrial and business sectors in China.

rebound in oil prices last week also contributed to the growth of consumer sentiment, while Brent crude fell by about 1% in early Asian trading.

broadest MSCI index of shares of consolidating the Asia-Pacific region outside Japan rose 0.1%, after 8% -s' losses in January.


activities in the key, the manufacturing sector in China is likely to continue the trend has been a six-month consecutive decline in January.A Reuters poll, meanwhile, showed a weak assessment of the market prospects for the start of the new year, and intensifying fears of a deep recession in the region, in particular.

People's Bank of China, also is expected to facilitate e-policies for this year, although with a more traditional instruments, by lowering key interest rates, rates of bank reserves and reduce the infusion liquid investments.


Japanese Nikkei growing by 1.3% to a three-week high, extending the string of successes achieved on Friday following a decision by the Bank of Japan to introduce negative interest rates and other bold move, activating a new stimulus for the economy, as volatile markets and slowing global growtheconomy threaten the initiative to overcome deflation in the market.

The fact that the Bank of Japan and the ECB unexpectedly added additional incentives to their positions, after the defeat of the markets that actually caused the Japanese and European politicians to start solving problems with quotations by additional measures.

At this time, was was not exactly clear a picture of the dynamics of further decline in oil prices, which made it possible to mitigate the over-reaction in the markets.

Negative interest rates will put pressure on the yen, which is trading at 121.38 against the US dollar, near a six-week low of 121.70, tested on Friday.


In contrast, the US Federal Reserve stuck to a gradual increase in interest rates scenario this year.However, a sharp deceleration of US economic growth in the fourth quarter, as it was identified on Friday, reduced expectations for the Fed to raise rates possible four more times this year.

decreased to 1.93% in the United States the yield on 10-year bonds, creating mutual edging near the 1.90% reached in August-October, while in Japan reached a record low of 0.050% on Monday, the yield on 10-year bonds, while the yield for twothe year reached a record minus 0.1%.

Eurozone and oil

Euro remains steady at $ 1.08285.Oil prices fell, according to Brent international benchmark by 38 cents to $ 36.61 a barrel.

They jumped more than 30% from the perspective of slipping to a 12-year low of less than two weeks ago, taking up some pressure prevailing in the stock markets.

Investors fear Tonight growth opportunities that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and Russia can come together to reduce the supply.

appetite for other risky assets may also depend in part on the price of manufacturing data from China.