Forex Strategy

"Forex Driver" strategy - the pursuit of profit

theme of today's video - a strategy «Forex Driver» .We designed it for trading on Renko charts (Renko), clearer, cleansed of noise picture of what is happening in the market.And in combination with a specially developed indicators is under Renko charts, we get a powerful system that provides a high percentage of winning trades.


Strategy Platform: the Metatrader 4
Currency pairs: any trend
Timeframe: does not matter
Hours: European session and the beginning of the American
Recommended broker: Alpari

Forproper operation of the vehicle M1 chart with advisor does not close .

rights system


  • indicator Trendlines blue
  • There are green diamond from FR Signals
  • indicator FR Trend replaced on blue
  • All indicators FR Scanner shows up trend


  • indicator Trendlines red
  • There orange diamond from FR Signals
  • indicator FR trend changed to orange
  • All indicators FR Scanner show down trend

Entry and exit from the position

  • Entering pending orders slightly above / below the indicator lines: Trendlines / Breakout / Retracement / Support & amp; Resistance.
  • leave after the appearance of the point indicator FR Signals, opposite our position, combined with FR Trend indicator change.Only AFTER CLOSING CANDLES , where there was a change in the indicator.

Stop Loss

  • Stop-loss set slightly above / below the nearest line of one of the indicators: Trendlines / Breakout / Retracement / Sup & amp; Res
  • Either by 50 points, in the absence of the possibility ofuse the line above

indicators Reference

  • installation Instructions
  • strategies How to trade pending orders

Download file "Forex Driver" strategy

dovnload - BLK - blue

alternative indicator for the construction of candlesRenko

important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4

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