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Hybrid LED Power Fuse

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latest development of British scientists - an indicator that combines two well-known tool - Bollinger Bands (Bollinger Bands) and MACD.Did the authors to sinergii and how to apply hybrid forex indicator Power Fuse in practice?

First of all, I note that Power Fuse installation process is no different than installing any other indicator.Restrictions on the pair or timeframe not - they can be anything.

After Power Fuse connection to the chart, we get something like this (all screens increased click-through):

line of blue, red and yellow dots is MACD, well, the other two lines cerulean - Bollinger bands.

Red circles indicate that MACD is falling, blue - is increasing.Yellow circles appear when MACD crosses the zero mark.Bollinger bands look and behave in the Power Fuse as well as in the standard incarnation, the default view in the MetaTrader 4.

What are we going to do good?The main idea of ​​the authors was to find the momentum of the trend (new or old) and after consolidation, respective

ly, producing a potential market entry signal.

So, we wait for the narrowing Bollinger bands, and then enter the market after the breakdown points MACD one of the bands.If after narrowing MACD breaks the lower band of sky-blue color, we sell, if the top - buy.Examples of the screenshot.

to determine the objectives and stops, you can use the support / resistance levels.Like any indicator, Power Fuse is not a complete trading system and requires filtering of signals.Do not forget about it.

Download LED Power Fuse

dovnload - BLK - ed

Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4