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Dominates the daily charts with the strategy of " ruler "

welcome all visitors site!On our website there is a large amount of intraday forex strategy, but unfortunately not everyone has the time to trade within the day: it is connected with the work, time zones, busy with other things.And then come to the aid and daily charts strategy «governor» .

Features forex strategy "Ruler»

Platform: the Metatrader 4
Currency Pairs: Any
Timeframe: D1
Trading Hours: Every day, after closing day candles
Recommended DC: Alpari, RoboForex

What you should pay attention

1. The basis of the strategy - horizontal layers. sure to watch the video-lesson levels of support / Resistance, or you just do not understand how these levels are on the chart.

2. Different brokers somewhat different closing day candles, and therefore the system signals can vary.What is the correct time?Read about it here.

3. Trading System «governor» is discretionary, iewe do not have any hard and fast rules with mechanical inputs and outputs.But there are a number of

prerequisites, the key points on which we rely to make decisions on opening and closing of the transactions under this strategy.On them you can read below.But it will be much better if you watch the video, becausepass through all the nuances of the text is difficult without good examples.

Key Moments

1. We go on the rebound from the horizontal level.

In support, we only buy, sell at resistance only.

2. Open a deal only after crossing cost 10 SMA

candle must explicitly close above / below the moving average 10 sma .

3. potential profits

must be sufficient distance to the nearest level of support / resistance and 200 sma.

4. Fix a profit, but give opportunity for profit growth.

Entering the market

  1. input only on the support / resistance levels.
  2. not included, if the distance to the next level, or 200 sma too close.
  3. possible input or after the close of the candle, or a rollback (pending orders) to the 10 sma or half the body of the candle.
  4. wait until a clear closing the candle above / below the 10 sma.

Stop Loss

Stop-loss set just below / above the horizontal level of support for employee input.

Exit market

1. Entering the two orders.

first order is closed when a profit of about 100 points.After closing the first, second stop-loss orders translate to breakeven + 5 points.

2. Give the 2nd warrant to obtain greater profits

Take-profit for 2nd order put on 200 sma or the nearest support / resistance level.Closing of the second order, if it has not held quite a bit to take profit.

3. We follow the 10 sma

If the candle is closed for 10 sma, and we have a large profit, - exit.Immediately after entering the intersection 10 sma do not pay attention.

Download files forex "Ruler" strategy

(installation is performed according to the standard instructions)

Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4

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