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ProTrader - forex panel for trading in one click

trade Arts in one click.The ability to make decisions quickly and operate in an environment where a few seconds depends, will earn you money or not.

This is a skill that is a must to any intraday forex trader.When full-time capabilities MT4 is not enough when you need accuracy and speed in the technical performance of your carefully thought-out strategy, comes to the aid ProTrader - professional trading panel for serious-minded players in Forex.

software tool for the professional trade in MetaTrader 4

ProTrader Scream

program ProTrader is a real helper for traders trading in the Forex market.It is not an automatic trading robot does not accept the decision and does not open a position, but it helps you sell yourself professionally.All important information is displayed on the chart;so you can open a position with just a single click.Manage open position is as simple: you can drag and drop to easily adjust the levels of stop loss (SL) and take profit (TP).Thereafter ProTrader will serve you for man

agement positions.

Unlike many similar programs available ProTrader can help you manage risk in the trading process.To do this you need only determine the maximum risk for the same position, and ProTrader will automatically calculate the amount of lots for each new position.

Using the user-friendly graphical interface, anyone can quickly learn to operate the program and successfully use ProTrader for intraday trading.

Key Features

Features ProTrader

  • Fast management positions

This program can easily be used to control the position (s).For example, if you want to open or close a position, you can easily carry it all, thanks to ProTrader, with just one mouse click.Say goodbye to the window of orders that you normally use in the terminal MetaTrader.

  • Quick reversal position (Position reverse)

If you sell, and you can see that the market can go against you at the touch of a button the current position will be immediately closed and open a new, opposite the former, with the samelot size.With this option, ProTrader can open the opposite position.

  • function Breakeven (Translation to breakeven)

If you have an open position (s), and the market goes in the intended direction, you can move the StopLoss to the open position profit (say, you move StopLoss inbreak-even point, where there will be no profit, no loss).This entire process can be carried out in ProTrader with a single click.

  • function Close All ( Close all)

If you have more than one open position (for example, if you use the strategy of averaging or martingale), if you want to close all positions at once, you can close themjust one click on the button «Close all», located on ProTrader panel control panel.

  • Auto-calculation of Money Management

With this function ProTrader you can calculate the maximum risk that you may be subject, as well as to calculate the value of the lot on the basis of pre-defined search parameters.

  • function Trailing stop

supports a trailing stop.With ProTrader you can set trailing stops for the open positions.

  • MagicNumber

With MagicNumber function ProTrader program allows you to control positions that are already open to any third-party trading advisor.

  • Set the interface for yourself

You can easily rearrange the window panel in the chart, or hide them if you wish.

  • Your Market Prospects

you can accurately track your trading results Profit Info window.ProTrader displays daily, weekly, monthly and annual earnings results, expressed in points, and in the currency.

  • All data on open orders

program displays all the detailed information on your open position.You can clearly see the maximum loss (in points and in foreign currency), the maximum profit (in points and in foreign currency), the risk / earnings (R: R), operating margin (in points and in foreign currency), etc.

  • window Dashboard

On the dashboard dashboard TraderAgent program can display the latest information on the market, for example, the current price bid / ask, the current spread, daily fluctuations in prices, as well as MA, CCI, RSI and Stochasticin different time frames, etc.

  • Hedging

When in the course of trading you feel that the price could turn around and go in the opposite direction, you can hedge their open position with just a single click, which can lock in your position and avoid short-term losses.

  • Covert

program provides the ability to hide your stoploss set levels (SL) and Take Profit (TP) from your broker.

  • function Trend line opening (Trade in the breakdown of trend lines)

program provides an opportunity to open a position not only by hand, but also to do it in case of break of the trend line placed manually.

  • Forming a grid of warrants (Grid)

If during the open position of the price goes in the wrong direction, ProTrader program provides the opportunity to "save" position, using averaging.Robot with predetermined averaging parameters (lots coefficient step, the maximum number of positions) launches "averaging".This function can be used for each open position, so you can drag and drop a line TakeProfit (TP) and StopLoss (SL);while TrailingStop function is also fully compatible with averaging positions.

  • 3 levels of partial closing of positions

ProTrader provides preset 3-level automatic partial closing of positions.You can quite easily pre-configure If you use the program, what percentage of your open position volume will be partially closed when the desired market price.And on the basis of pre-established values ​​ProTrader program will automatically perform partial closure, when the price reaches a specified level.

  • 5 types of trailing stop

If you are working on ProTrader you use the «TrailingStop», you can select a fixed or dynamic.To use dynamic TrailingStop you can choose from any of its 4 types (ATR, EMA, PSAR, HighLow).

  • rapid placement of pending orders

ProTrader provides hot keys with which you can one-click to issue a warrant (s) at a certain distance (in points) from the current value of the price.

  • restriction on the maximum level of the spread

You can set the maximum value of the spread.If the actual value of the spread will be higher than this level, TraderAgent not allow you to open a position (s).

  • 4 types of auto-closing on equity (funds in the account)

If profit and / or loss reaches a preset level (as a percentage and / or currency), the program will immediately close all positions in your account.

  • Using channels

During trading, the opening orders can be linked not only to the breakdown of trend lines, but also to the channels.

  • Creating screenshots

program can take screenshots every time you open and close a position (s) - you can professionally record their transactions (this feature is also available in the «Backtest Mode»).

  • zoom mode 3 types of lots in averaging

for position management with the purpose of averaging ProTrader can set zoom mode 3 types of lots (multiplication, shift, Fibo).

  • closing position at a certain time

You can pre-set the date when the program closes a predetermined amount (or all) of the position (s).To do this you only need to install a special graph a vertical line.


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Set ProTrader as well as any adviser, becausetechnically, this utility is provided in the form of an expert.To install, use the basic instructions.

Description of settings and use the program

Applications and settings ProTrader

See. Video at the beginning of this article.Also, the description of the settings in text form is available in the manual in the program archive.

presets settings

Presets for ProTrader

Included with the utility is a set of predefined settings for different purposes.

  • ProTrader - Classic - setting the default mode
  • ProTrader - Full - includes all of the windows in the utility
  • ProTrader - Left Side - windows utility shifted to the left
  • ProTrader - Minimal - open only order management window
  • ProTrader - Robot Mode- semi-automatic mode for working with orders of other advisors.

When you first work with presets, be sure to check the settings to meet your needs.

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