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9 of the rules of success in working with the "dangerous" advisers

Hello.Recently there has been a noticeable renaissance of forex advisors on Martingale ( "monkey"), setochnikov, equalization and other robots, which I personally would call dangerous.What are they so dangerous?And whether it is possible to earn on Forex stably by such experts?Read on and I will reveal to you the secrets of the main 9 work with monkeys and other similar advisors.

To begin with, what is dangerous martingale, grid and other orders peresizhivateli?All these robots are built on the idea that the price in most cases, returns to some average values.And based on this idea, the strategy of advisers added the opening of additional orders at a certain level of the uncovered losses, an increase in the lot at a loss, the construction of the pyramids of orders, etc.But the market does not always return to the previous prices and trading on the "kazinoshnym" strategies can be easily overnight to lose all or most of the deposit.

But the biggest risk is greater and yield: Monkey, tend to earn s

everal times more than other advisers.It's like MMM - until the pyramid is not broke, it brings a good profit.Nevertheless, it is possible and even quite stable to earn a dangerous advisers, if you follow certain rules, which will be discussed below.

1. only trade on cent accounts

main mistake made by novice traders - is the use of micro or classic account.Martingale peresizhivateli etc.only need to put on a cent account, asthey are in 99% of cases require a rather big amounts in the "account balance": opens a lot of orders, plus additional with a larger lot (depends on the specific robot).
For example, the same Forex Hacked for proper money management requires a minimum of $ 10,000 if you want them to trade on a micro account with Alpari.At the same dimes, while working with an adviser can do this just simply a hundred dollars.More about
cent accounts read in the article and Micro Cent accounts

2. use the maximum available leverage

Some fool somewhere blurted out that the higher the leverage, the greater the risk.And since then, part of the traders said that with a minimum leverage they are less at risk of the market.Complete nonsense.The risk depends on the size and position of the stop-loss.To understand the principle of leverage works advise you to read the article The truth about leverage.

so.When trading monkeys, mesh and other to us as the air requires a large shoulder, the best option - 1: 500.What for?A large number of orders in the red, even if not fixed, may result in a margin call and subsequent stop-out (what it is, see. About leverage in the above article).Naturally we are interested in, to delay this moment as far as possible, giving orders chance to go into profit, so no big shoulder we risk losing a pyramid of orders and, in addition, is also a big part of the depot.

3. Follow recommendations for counselor

In most cases, complete with dubious advisers have recommendations for the minimum deposit, lots, pairs, etc.But the bulk of them do not care: they stupidly scroll through the text to the "Download" button and close the page.
Do not be an idiot !!! Recommendations are given aspeople already have experience with a particular bot, they have developed a successful strategy, which dealt a pair is to trade, which are not.Why do you need to repeat the mistakes of others?
If it is written that the adviser should be a minimum of $ 300, mean it does not make sense to hang on deposit $ 10 .This is happening all the time: whether the people too lazy to read, whether they consider themselves the most intelligent, it is not clear ... I repeat: do not be stupid, keep recommendations.

4. sure to check all the strategy tester

Alien experience is nice, but most also have to check it out and apply to your specific case.Namely, before hanging Advisor for real money is required to test it in the tester MT4 strategies.And it set the size of the deposit, which are going to trade, and those settings that will work on a real account.You must know what you will slump if your depot size is enough (maybe it is larger), etc.
as reference can watch the video How to test Advisor

5. Constantly display profit

super Whatever results you have not received in the tester, which would be "brilliant" setting, you have not picked up sooner or later a dangerous adviser lose allor most of the money in the account .Believe me, it will happen.Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year.But it happened.This is not to be feared or hoped that the drain will not happen today as "ever" - you need to take this factor into account and taking into account that "the collapse of MMM" can happen any day.
So set yourself some daily: once a month or once a week, and continuously outputs earned.Ideally, your goal - to withdraw the initial deposit and continue "on the money the casino."

6. Explore advisor

Take the time to put the robot in the real money forex from you will not run away.Be sure to read the expert, which are going to trade: it opens the position, how much time they hold, what his weaknesses, what strengths.Simple run in the strategy tester is not enough: put the robot on a demo account and watch a month or two behind him.It will then save you a lot of money when trading on a real account.

7. trade on Swap-Free accounts

If the study advisor (see para. 6), you notice that he often holds a position in a few days or even months (there are also boats), you should probably choose Swap-Free account.This will help avoid additional losses in the form of swaps (for the transfer of the Commission's position on the track. Trading day).

8. use VPS-server

Imagine adviser discovered pyramid orders, and at this time all of a sudden the whole house lost electricity for a few hours or your provider has decided to conduct unscheduled repairs and off the Internet.Force Majeure?He is.Because of this unfortunate accident, you can not only watch out for profit, but also lose the deposit aswithout the Internet and / or electricity Advisor simply do not close the order.
avoid such unpleasant situations can be using advisers VPS server to trade.

9. Trading on accounts with floating spread

The smaller the spread - the better.Agree, if orders pyramid is closed only because of the spread did not have one item to take profit, and then go into the minus, it is very, very disappointing.It is better to pay the extra fee for opening an order, but to trade with smaller spreads.

Of course, in each particular advisor has its own nuances, but compliance with the above set of rules will help you get a stable (as possible) profit by trading "dangerous" advisers and make them safer.