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"London Bang" strategy .A New Look

Good day, fellow traders.Glad to see you again in the forex portal, and this time we will talk about the classic trading strategy «London Explosion» .But in the standard version, this system you nothing but the loss will not, therefore, in the following video, I'll introduce you to a modified variation of it, taking into account the peculiarities of the market.

Features Strategy "London Explosion»

Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY
Timeframe: M30
Trade Time: A few times a day
Recommended DC: Alpari, Forex4you

There are manyvariations in the trading system, "the London bombings", but on the whole are reduced to catching and following the first pulse at the beginning or before the London session.It is believed that the first pulse indicates the direction in which the price and will move throughout the day.

5 years ago, this strategy worked and gave a profit, but with the growing popularity of this approach have become market makers contribute to a "false breakouts" f

alse pulses.Those.what happens: the market of a pulse before or at the beginning of the European session, the order of traders, following the first jump in prices, are activated, and a little later the price is set.Triggered stop-loss orders, and market makers safely take their well-deserved profits.They have once again managed to fool the simpletons.

And a similar picture on the market today can be seen in most of the trading days.BecauseWhy do not we leave aside the classic version of the strategy of "London bombing"?It would be much better to follow the market-makers, using the reverse version.That's it we are going to use.

Terms and

1. Measure the height of the band in the range from 9 to 18 pm GMT.Her point size is 2X.

2. After 18:00, exhibiting 2 orders: Buy Limit and Sell Limit at a distance of X points from the current price.

3. Take-profit for each order is 2X, the stop loss = X + 5 points.

4. The next day, around 9:00 GMT, remove and close all orders, regardless of the profit / loss.

5. If the range from 9 to 18 hours is equal to or greater than 60 points, - not sell .

6. Important!After activation of the order, you must remove the second .

more details and examples of transactions in the chart rules "London Explosion" strategies analyzed in the video tutorial at the beginning of this article.

P.S. If you do not know how to use limit orders Buy Limit / Sell Limit, watch the video on the link:

P.P.S. to automatically remove the second order after the first operation, you can use the Advisor e-OCO. find it easy to link:

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