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Mcandle indicator - we witness the senior timeframe

no secret that in many forex trading strategies used by the trend filtering senior timeframe.Open because of this extra chart is not always convenient, and I want to be able to throw a quick glance at, say, the current daily candle and return to the working timeframe for direct transactions.This will help us Mcandle indicator.

Set the indicator for the standard instructions.We open our working timeframe.Let M5 - a five-minute chart.

Hit Insert - & gt; Indicators - & gt; User - & gt; Mcandle

settings window appears:

Where TFbar - the auxiliary timeframe that will be using the indicator displayed on our schedule.It specifies the number of minutes, respectively, for displaying graphs H1 put 60, H4 = 240, the D1 = 1440, etc.

Bcgr - paint or not displayed candles.

NumberOfBar - the number of additional display candlesticks timeframe.

ColorUp, ColorDown - setting colors of bull and bear bars.

Let's set timeframe H1 display (60) in our five-minute chart with.As a result

, we get a picture like below and we can, not looking up from our M5, follow the situation on the hourly charts.

Download indicator Mcandle


Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4