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Lazy Trader System - let laziness win

Forex Strategy Trader lazy Hello, fellow traders!In the US, there is a saying «Do not work hard - work smart», which translates as "Do not work harder, and to work with the mind."I have already said that we should not pulitsya hours every day to monitor the forex trading success.But people do not want to hear about anything but minute charts ...

strategy Lazy Trader focused on exhibiting and closing orders only 2 times a week, rest of the time you can devote to leisure, family and entertainment.Play on this system if the calculator and the brain is quite difficult.But I am sure that the most hard-nosed losers think of something :)

Features forex strategy Lazy Trader

Platform: Any
Timeframe: H4
Trading Hours: an order is opened / closed at the beginning and at the end of the week
Recommended DC: Alpari, RoboForex


  • What are pending orders
  • correct closing candle H4


the concept of forex lazy trader strategy

If you look at the chart onepair with Japanese yen (see. the lis

t above), we can see straight, but short-lived trends.They last a long time sometimes, sometimes not, but within one week, often dominated by a single direction of price movement.This pattern will be used here.

erzhpy Laz trader


Entry rules

forex strategy entry rules lazy trader

1. Earlier this week, wait until the close of the first four-hour candles.

2. Put the pending orders Buy Stop and Sell Stop is 20 points above the High and Low 20 points below that candle.

Stop-Loss and Take-Profit

stop-loss and take-profit strategy forex trader lazy

Stop-loss is placed at the opposite order.Take-profit is equal to the stop-loss, multiplied by three.


more info lazy trader forex strategy

  • Upon reaching warrant profit, equal to the stop-loss, stop to breakeven translate (move the stop-loss position in its opening price).
  • second after activation of the first order, do not delete!
  • At the end of the week to delete / close all orders, regardless of their profit / loss.

recommendations on the level of risk

Forex risk

In one transaction more than 2% of the deposit without the risk.If you do not agree with this and want to open positions larger, fill in a questionnaire .You will be contacted.


Finally lazy trader forex strategy

Lazy Trader's strategy is simple and profitable.Its advantages:

  • On trade takes only 30 minutes per week
  • not need to follow the indicators
  • average profits many times more losses
  • easy to check the results on the history

most difficult for most will not leave the vehicle after the first loss-makingtransactions.Few people are able to see beyond their own noses, so 90% of traders will always lose in the forex.And that's fine.

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