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Cuckoo, cuckoo , how much is left before the close of the candle ?

Hello.There are forex indicators for analysis, and there are indicators of assistants who perform utilitarian, auxiliary functions, making trading easy convenient.On one of these "assistants" today will be discussed. CandleCountdown indicator shows how much time is left until the close of the candle.This is very useful when trading on a small and on large timeframes.

CandleCountdown indicator works on any timeframe from M1 to D1, setting it to the terminal is performed according to the standard instructions.

After attaching the indicator to the chart (any instrument), we will see a timer showing the time remaining before the closure of the candles.

Location timer, color and font size can be changed in the settings.

Description Setting

FontColor - font color

FontColorLabel - the color of the notes units of time (minutes / seconds, hours / minutes)

BackColor - background timer color

LargeDisplay - On / off enlarged font

corner - in any corner of the chart to show

the timer:

1 - top right
2 - bottom left
3 - bottom right

most convenient indicator to use in my opinionon small timeframes where precision is needed, such as M1 and M5, and also on large like H4.On the hourly chart, and so everything is clear and user-friendly.

Download time indicator to the close of the candle

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