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Genesis Matrix - not the grail , but it is very close ...

Hello, dear readers forex blog time we look at one of the best intraday strategies to date, namely the trading system Genesis Matrix .In fact, it is processed, improved and expanded version of the strategy Symphonie Trader System, which we discussed earlier.But in Genesis Matrix rid of the main disadvantage of "Symphony" - from repainting indicators, which prevented trade inexperienced traders.

Features Strategy Genesis Matrix

Platform: the Metatrader 4
Timeframe: M1-M15, recommended - M5 (also available with higher TF)
Trading Hours: London session
Recommended DC: Alpari, Forex4you

right inputs on Genesis Matrix

1) 4 cubes indicator Genesis become one color.

2) the stochastics lines crossed in and out of the zone 20/80 (overbought / oversold).

3) HA closes above / below EMA5.

4) Stochastic MTF M15 directed towards transaction

5) There was an arrow on the Arrow indicator (optional condition, enter even if the

arrow is not present, but if it does not appear within a couple of candles, consider the possibility of release)

right output

Objectives - support / resistance levels, round number, pivots.

also goes by changing all four cubes Genesis reversed.

Stop Loss

Stop-loss set just below / above the nearest local maximum / minimum.


  • If the stop-loss is visually very large - not included in the position.
  • At the end of the European session, the remaining positions is better to close.
  • Upon reaching 20 pips, translate the position to breakeven (move the stop-loss at the opening price of the warrant).

more detail, with examples of transactions, Genesis Matrix Strategy dismantled in the video tutorial at the beginning of the review.


Strategy Genesis Matrix undoubtedly profitable, tested hundreds of traders from around the world and brought almost to perfection.So, thinking that "Paul goat, the system is not working" you should arise.But I advise you sincerely not to trade according to the procedure of this or any other, in the form in which you learned it.Always try to change something, something to correct for themselves.It's very, very important point, you have no idea how much.For more details, I talked about this earlier.

fact that to succeed in trading, you need absolute confidence in the system used, or if the first loss-making transactions you throw TC, deciding that "it does not work."And for gaining confidence in the strategy we need to you fully understand its : what, why and why.

Generally it is a very important issue, we will return to it in future posts.In order not to miss new materials, be sure to sign up for site updates by e-mail.

Download files Strategy Genesis Matrix Trading

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Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4

P.S.Setting indicators and template Genesis Matrix the terminal is performed according to the standard instructions.

Forum (with many modifications of the TC)