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Advisor Piplane - like a Swiss bank

Hello friends!A long time ago we did not have night Reviews scalpers and here, at last appeared interesting specimen - Forex Advisor Piplane authors famous Forex Megadroid.

Advisor Features Piplane

Platform: the Metatrader 4
version Adviser: 1.02
Currency pairs: USDCAD
Timeframe: H1
Hours: Asian session
Recommended DC: Alpari (ECN account), Tradefort(Flex accounts)

For those who do not know - night scalpers sell exclusively in quiet Asian session on small fluctuations.Speaking quite exaggerated, they are opening a deal to sell near the upper border of the price channel, and shopping - near the lower limit.Those.We need a horizontal flat.

Previous creation developers, expert Megadroid (which is also a night scalper), present on the market since 2009 and is profitable today.A small, but profit.

robot strategy Piplane quite complex and take into account a number of factors.Was there a trend in the US session, and if so, how strong and long-lasting?Decreased whether the 30% of the va

lue of the New York session tick volume (we need a quiet market for scalping)?Does the price channel is larger than half an hour before the start of trading 30 points?Is this channel secure?No. Does he have the trend direction?And lots of small details.Advisor takes a small profit, but the likelihood of getting high (cm. Bektest below).

testing history

SincePiplane advisor strategy is extremely sensitive to the slightest fluctuations in the price, it should be tested with simulation quality of 99%.Results obtained in standard tests will be too far from reality.And do not forget to turn off the car in testing GmtOffset, - it must be set manually for bektesta.

(the image is enlarged by clicking)

Accounts monitoring

authors provide us with a 2-year monitoring of Piplane on a real account:

Also, we can observe the recently launched independentforward test:

Description Advisor settings Piplane

Aggressive - when is true (the default) uses as an adviser to a more cautious and more speculative strategy simultaneously, enabling profits to rise somewhat faster.

NFA - tuning is needed for traders, registered in the United States.We leave unchanged.

GMToffset - if you want to test an expert in the Strategy Tester (F6), then put AutoLocalGMToffset parameter to false, and this parameter varies according to your broker (see How to set the proper GMT offset.)

AutoLocalGMToffset -Automatic determination GMToffset option to trade in real time.

S1_Reference and S2_Reference: parameters necessary adviser to distinguish their position from the open position, opened by other advisors or manually.We leave unchanged.

TopPadding / LeftPadding / TextColor1,2,3 - These settings control the appearance and location of the information from the adviser on the chart.

Slippage - allowable slippage

OrderCommen t s - Comment counselor positions may be any

LotSize -level fixed lot trading advisorto be used if the parameter is RiskLevel 0.0

RiskLevel - money management, to automatically determine the size of the lot, on the basis of risk exposed.If you put 0.01, the risk to the transaction in the case of a stop operation is 1% of the funds in the account.If the supply of 0.05 - 5% when 0.1 - 10%, etc.When setting this parameter value of 0.0 will use a fixed lot specified in LotSize parameter.

RecoveryMode - be very careful with this option.When it is turned on, after losing trade EA will trade the increased size of the lot, while the loss is not restored.

ConsiderCommission - on / off keeping the commission broker at closing deals.We reserve included.

SecureProfit - when this option is enabled, the EA will close half of the position with a profit in five points, if the weak volatility observed in the market.For best results, leave on.

To summarize, I can say that Piplane refers to those robots which "rarely shoot, but to the point."He can not open the week of transactions - this is normal.Do not panic.If you have only recently started their acquaintance with forex advisors, necessarily, from the beginning to the end of the study FAQ trade advisors .There is a probability of 99% that it will find the answer to your question.

Download Advisor Piplane

Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4

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