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Indicator «FX Forecast " - the future is already here

futurofx forex indicator download Hello, dear readers!As you know, the entire technical analysis is based on the fact that history tends to repeat.The task of the trader to identify recurring patterns and using them to build your own trading strategy that has a statistical advantage.What makes «FX Forecast" indicator?He looks for a match in the history of the current situation and gives a forecast, - the arithmetic mean of price movements in previous similar cases, and displays a graph of the best match.In general, an interesting thing :)

Setting Display Setting «FX Forecast" is performed by the standard instructions.However, for the correct operation of the indicator, I advise you to download quotes history for the currency pair on which you install the «FX Forecast".How to upload the story is described in the video tutorial at the beginning of Lent.

How does «FX Forecast"?

After installing the indicator on the chart (works on any instrument on any timeframe), you will see a similar picture, as in the screensh

ot below.

Futurofx screenshot

picture increases by clicking

indicator «FX Forecast" looks at the flow of the last N (can be set in the settings) candles on the chart, and then looking at the history and analyzes the blocks with the same number of candles.Calculates the percentage of similarity found similar blocks and selects only those in which the percentage is greater than or equal to 75% (again, can be changed in the settings).

Next «FX Forecast" analyzes the movement of prices, which happened in history after the candle blocks, similar to our current situation and displays something like the following arithmetic mean of price movements in similar cases.It is displayed on the graph as an orange tunnel.

best agreement found in history (with the largest percentage of similarity) is displayed as yellow bars.

Information window display

FuturoFX interface

top left «FX Forecast" displays a message box (can be disabled in the settings) with the following information):

  • Opening current candle
  • How many candles analyzed from all available stories in the terminal
  • What made comparisons
  • How many found similar spark blocks with matching percentage of 75 and above
  • percentage similarity best match
  • potential move up and down in paragraphs
  • Overall confidence indicator in the forecast

Description setting «FX forecast»

  • Look Back - as the last candle on the chart for comparison with taking a history.The number of bars in the block.
  • Look Forward - how many candles to give a forecast
  • How many candles to take the analysis of stories (analyzes the most recent data).If set to 0, it will be the analysis of all the available history.
  • Correlation Data - comparison parameters.The default is OHLC - it means that the search for a match occurs, taking into account the prices Open, High, Low, Close each candle, and the resulting data array is summed and averaged.You can add the letter M (Median), T (Typical), W (Weighted).If you do not understand what I mean, do not change anything.
  • Cor Threshold - matching percentage above which the indicator will take into account the data for the withdrawal of the average forecast.Those.all matches with percentage of similarity below the specified will not be considered in this setting.
  • Select Best Correlations - how to take into account the most matches for the calculation of the average forecast (orange tunnel on the graph).If set to 0, will take into account all the results match the highest percentage.
  • Display Options - option to disable part of the interface of the indicator on the chart.The T - information box (blue, top left), A - the average forecast, Bed and - the best match, the R - rectangular selection of the analyzed block candle on the chart.
  • Avg Projection Color - the color of the average forecast
  • Best Projection Color - color graphics best match
  • Text Size - text size on the chart
  • Text Font - font
  • Window Screenshot - at«FX forecast" is a function of taking screenshots automatically.If set to 0, the function is not used.If there is a 1, the indicator will make a screenshot of each new bar if 4 - every 4 candles if 5 - every 5 candles, etc.Screenshots are saved in the experts / files folder.

How to use «FX Forecast"?

indicator «FX Forecast", like any other indicator used is not alone.It can be part of your system, one of the filters for opening transactions.If you still want to be limited only to these indicators, then try to combine his testimony on several time frames, and enter the market only when the coincidence of projections for different time scales.For more information about the principle of multi-taymfremnogo analysis described in the lesson Three Elder screen.

Download indicator «FX Forecast»

dovnload - BLK - blue

Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4

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