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«Enough with all sorts of Price Action hammer my head, strategies and indicators!Allow a program to loot minced clearly and quickly !!!Herself!!!. I have no time » - Such comments from visitors periodically flashed on our site.Want dough?No question) Meet - Advisor Forex Setka Trader .

Features advisor Forex Setka Trader

Platform: the Metatrader 4
version Adviser: 1.6
Currency Pairs: GBPUSD
Timeframe: M1
Hours: Round the clock
Recommended DC: Forex4you

Attention !!!
Forex Setka Trader Expert Advisor is extremely dangerous and can result in the loss of all deposit!

So, Forex Setka Trader belongs to the category Martingale advisors (an increase in the care of the lot of deals in the negative).Such robots are most profitable, but may at any time cause the loss of all or most of the deposit.Our task periodically withdraw profits to reaching the yield of 100%, continue to take-home pay has, without risking an initial capital, aswe brought.

In general, all the basic principles of tr

ade in hazardous advisers painted here in this article. sure to carefully read it.

Accounts monitoring

monitoring real account of the author - he draws attention to this EA.Yields of more than 2000% in less than a year of work on a real account.Note: The author constantly brings profit .And already brought three times the initial deposit, which incidentally continues to generate income.Systematically withdraw profit - it's very, very important moment in the work of such bots.

testing history

(Pictures increase by clicking)







As we see in bektestah, in some years our EA merges, in some not.If not impressive monitor live account (see above), I certainly would not write about this robot.

tests on history once again tell us about the importance of continuous profit taking becauseForex Setka Trader may lose the entire deposit in one day.When this happens it is not known - it can last a year or two, and maybe just a few months.No one knows.But we can take into account these risks, adapt to them, and brought 100% of the original depot, already receive a risk-free profit.No less important is the appropriate size of the initial deposit, about this and we will continue our conversation.

recommended money management

Forex Setka Trader opens orders with a larger lot in the care of the first position in the negative, and the farther in a minus position goes, the more orders with larger lot is opened.Of course, that did not happen margin call and the robot was able to close the pyramid of orders, we need to have some money in the account to be used as collateral.Recommendations from the developers on the various lots and the types of accounts you can find in the table below.

Account type Minimum lot and step lot Min.initial deposit Examples Brokers
Sent-NDD 0.01 $ 250 (25,000 cents) Forex4you
Cent 0.1 $ 2500 Roboforex
Standard 0.01 $ 25,000 Alpari
Classic 0.1 $ 250,000 Classic type of account the majority of brokers

The table clearly shows that the optimal solution for the ordinary trader will Cent-NDD account at Forex4you.It does not require any investments unbearable, but allows you to follow the recommendations on mines.deposit for Forex Setka Trader Expert Advisor.

Nuances Settings

until immediately Setka Trader adherence to schedule its installation does not differ from other bots.So if you are a beginner, follow the standard installation instructions advisers to the point N 6 inclusive.

But later in the installation of the robot, there are some nuances.We need to attach it to the 2 different schedules (the time frame and the pair have identical schedules - GBPUSD M1), only configuring Advisor to purchase one and only on sale on another chart.Not forgetting that the parameter Magic Number must be different.Why do we need it?It is necessary to build separate Advisor pyramid orders for purchases and sales, which is slightly lower the overall risk.

Here's how:

1. Open the 2 GBPUSD chart with timeframe M1.

2. Attach the mouse Forex Setka Trader beginning to the first schedule, the settings window will appear.We are interested in the General tab .She exhibited items Only Long.Hit OK .So we are talking Advisor opened only purchase on this chart.

3. Now attach the adviser to the second schedule (first do not touch).On the General tab, put Only Short , open only to boat sales.

4. In the expert inputs on the second chart, we need to change the add Magic Number - number in any case should be different from the set on the first graph .Those.if the first graph in our Magic Number parameter is 2024536, then the second graph in the Magic Number put any other number.For example 202453 7 .

Total we've got 2 graphics M1 GBPUSD c by the same advisor, but with different Magic Number (not to order messed up).A schedule for shopping, the other for sales.

settings Description

ShowTradeComment - on / off information on the schedule of the work advisor

Lots - the starting order for the first item.

MultiLotsFactor - factor for subsequent orders

StepLots - the number of points on which should move the market against the councilor positions for order opening the next level.

TakeProfit - Take Profit (in points)

UseTrailing - on / off trailing stop.

TrailStart - a minimum profit, which must remain after triggering the trailing stop

TrailStop - size trailing

MaxOpenOrders - the maximum number of warrants

SafeEquityStopOut on /closing off all the items when the funds size is less than the N-th level (set in parameter SafeEquityRisk)

SafeEquityRisk - a percentage of the funds in the account, which you allow to use Forex Setka Trader.Advisor will close all orders if the funds in the account will be less than a specified percentage.It only works when the SafeEquityStopOut parameter.

Slippage - allowable slippage when opening an order

MagicNumber - unique numerical code that Forex Setka Trader assigns their positions so as not to confuse them with the orders of other advisors and manual transactions.Do not forget that on the two charts of the same currency pair Magic should be different !

Close_All_Orders - this function is always disabled by default.If it is included, then the adviser simply close all your positions opened earlier.

Freeze After TP - when you turn on this feature, Forex Setka cease trading, after reaching positions take profit.

Conclusion To summarize - Forex Setka Trader Advisor profitable, but very risky.The most important thing when working with it - permanently display the profit and comply with the recommended amount of the deposit (see above.).

Important !!!

to run correctly advisor trading platform should be included with the evening opening of the market on Sunday before it closed on Friday evening.If you are unable to keep the computer in working order 24/5, I advise you to use VPS server service.

Download Advisor Forex Setka Trader

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Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4



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