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Golden Boy - a strategy for trading in gold

Forex Strategy Golden Boy download Good day.In comments to the reviews of trading systems, you are often asked to talk about strategies for working with gold (XAUUSD).Of course, there are many universal tactics, allowing to work with all the tools, including the yellow metal, but there are strategies, sharpened only in gold (Gold).On such a system today and it will be discussed.

Vehicle Features Golden Boy

Platform: the Metatrader 4
traded symbol: XAUUSD (gold)
Timeframe: not important
Trade time: European and American session
Recommended DC: Alpari, Roboforex


Indicators are set in the trading terminal on the standard instructions.The process of obtaining Renko charts, is described in the video tutorial.

Rules entrance

PUBLISHED would katstov.kom

1. We look forward to crossing the blue and red MACD line (from bottom to top for shopping / downwards for sales).

2. We are waiting for confirmation in the form of fresh colors Slope Direction Line change.

3. Always wait until the close of the candle, to which the signal originated.

Stop Loss and Take Profit

Stop-loss and take-profit in forex system Golden Boy

fixed take profit, equal to 20 points.Stop-loss is set below / above the nearest local minimum / maximum.

leave from the position if the profit target was not taken, and the MACD line crossed again against our position.


PUBLISHED would katstov.kom

Rules Golden Boy strategy is extremely simple, but nevertheless give a good result.In fact, the whole system is based on the intersection of moving averages.And if the common currency pairs such an approach would lead to losses, combined with Renko charts and sharp nature of gold movements, we have a robust tool for profit within the day.

sure to watch the video at the beginning of the post, asinstallation process Renko charts and analysis of examples of transactions in the text are not represented.

P.S.How to calculate points on

gold Judging by the comments, many do not fully understand what the old points on XAUUSD.So I wrote the bonus video about the features of the calculation of the price movement of gold items.

Download files Strategy Golden Boy

dovnload - BLK - Green

alternative indicator for building Renko candles

Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4

discuss at a forum

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