Webinar " Why do 90 % of traders lose in the Forex "

why 90% of forex traders lose ( 1 ) Good evening, good afternoon, good night.I'm sure all of you have heard the conventional phrase that « 90% of traders lose money in the forex «.If you do not think much, after this phrase the Forex market seems certain Resident Evil, whose purpose - to take your blood.And fight the market is absolutely no sense - it's all too hard and earning almost impossible.

I am convinced that the reasons for the loss of many beginners do not trade complexity.And something else.A infuriate many, so the toll rates you'd never tell.In the webinar, I will tell the truth about the causes of the uterus-drain beginners (and not only) to keep quiet because I can not any more.

What will be on the webinar?

templates will break.There is a lot of information about "what not to say."If you have a weak mind, refrain from watching.Also remove the children away from the computer during the online seminar.

This is just for beginners?Not only

.Many severe bearded traders with years of experience also learn for yourself some

thing new.

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