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Good day to all readers of the blog forex!Today we talk about the new EA Scalping authors of a good Phibase Synergy.The name of this robot Ray Scalper and it is worth noting that it's completely original design, and not just another remake of Wall Street Forex Robot.

Advisor Features Ray Scalper

Platform: the Metatrader 4
version Adviser: 1.0
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Timeframe: M15
Hours: Round the clock
Recommended DC: Alpari, Roboforex


Setting advisor Ray Scalper is performed by the standard instructions.If you are new to automated trading, I do not know what it is and what it eats, be sure to watch this video on Forex Autopilot .

robot strategy Ray Scalper

Advisor Ray Scalper operates on timeframe M15, but in their work and take into account what is happening at higher scales.First, he drew attention to the levels of High / Low / Close weekly candle (W1), then calculates a short-term levels of support / resistance on the hourly chart.

Next bot waits closing M15 candles and produces fan beams diagonally up and down.If close to the path of the price movement is not the above-mentioned levels, the adviser considers the possibility of opening the transaction in this direction.The calculation also takes the trend on the hourly chart and analysis of M15 using Stochastic indicators, Bollinger Bands and Envelopes.

Take Profit and Stop Loss are set depending on the ATR indicator readings on H1 (see description of settings below), so their size is not fixed, but depends on the volatility of the market.The average profit margin of 25 points, loss - 80 points.The difference is compensated by a high percentage of winning trades.

Testing Ray Scalper on stories

(the default setting, the quality of the simulation 99%)

image is enlarged by clicking

As I mentioned above, the winning percentage is pretty high: nearly 84% against16% losing trades.The ratio of profit / loss is, of course, the weak point of our robot.But robotic trade has a number of limitations, the machine can not think like a man, and, therefore, to create advisors programmers sometimes have to make compromises.After all, most of us are interested in, so that eventually the adviser gave profit and Ray Scalper it gives.

Accounts monitoring

monitor real account of the authors is short, but shows good performance.

Description Advisor settings Ray Scalper

Max_Allocation_Per_Trade - a percentage of the free margin, which EA will risk on each trade.Money management is activated, if the option Fixed Lot = 0.

FixedLot - fixed trading lot.If set to 0, then used an automatic money management, based on the value of the parameter Max_Allocation_Per_Trade .

FinalTarget _ x _ H 1_ ATR - multiplier ATR on H1 for calculating take-profit

StopLoss_x_H1_ATR - multiplier ATR on H1 to calculate stop loss

Trail _ stopLoss _ x _ H 1_ ATR - ATR multiplier on H1 to calculate a trailing stop.BecauseThe default value of 1 is equal to multiples take profit, trailing stop is not used.If you want to activate it, it is necessary to reduce the value of this parameter, putting, for example, 0.5

Trail _ Trigger _ x _ H 1_ ATR - the level of activation of the trailing stop.This parameter is used with activated trailing (see. Superstructure description Trail _ StopLoss _ x _ H 1_ ATR ).As expressed in the form of a multiplier ATR.

Friday_Trade - on / off trade on Friday.

Magic Number - parameter required Adviser to distinguish their position from the open position, the open hand or other advisers .

Conclusion In the face of Ray Scalper, we have an interesting long-term advisor, giving a profit.Why the long-term?Because, as the Wall Street Robot, the hero of our today's review may be in a loss for several months, and to judge the results of 1-2 weeks is clearly not worth it.But no martingale, grid orders and other elements that make some advisers potentially dangerous.It allows without any hesitation to put Ray Scalper on a real account.

Important !!!

to run correctly advisor trading platform should be included with the evening opening of the market on Sunday before it closed on Friday evening.If you are unable to keep the computer in working order 24/5, I advise you to use VPS server service.

Advisor Download Ray Scalper

Download link is removed at the request of the copyright owner


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