Forex Indicators

Price Action Indicators for determining setups on all timeframes simultaneously!

Hello friends!For novice forex traders is not always easy to recognize the move patterns Price Action in the graphs in real time.But you also need to take into account the graphical models arising at a higher timeframes: I think everybody understands that the setup on the daily chart has an impact on the situation within the day, etc.What to do?100500 Open schedules for all pairs and view each until his eyes ache?There is a simpler solution.

not without good people world - indicators were created, which not only automatically identify patterns Price Action, but also do it in all time frames simultaneously.You only need to set the indicator to any chart, and it will automatically let you know if there will be setup in one of the timeframes for this pair (indicator monitors all timeframes from the five-minute charts to weekly).Those.for each pair you will need to open only one schedule .

What indicators?

So we have 3 LEDs (you can download them at the end of this review):

  • MTF_IB_SCAN - an indicator to determine the pattern Inner Bar;
  • MTF_OB_SCAN - an indicator to determine the models Acquisitions;
  • MTF_PB_SCAN - search indicator Pin-bars;

indicator is set is very simple, there are detailed instructions here.

After attaching the indicator to the chart of the currency pair, you will see something like this (the picture is increased click-through):

SinceIndicators have few, I have collected a template (called «price action patterns»), which allows to monitor the readings of all three indicators.Moreover, this pattern makes the graph in a kind of mini info window.It looks this way:

is enough to hang a template on a graph each of the currencies in which you trade, and as a result we get a minimized dashboard that will let us know about the origin of patterns in any of the timeframes (remember that the indicators monitorall patterns).To install and use the templates can be found in this manual.

settings Description

I will not describe the individual parameters for each indicator, asbasically they are repeated.Also present configuration nuanced definition setups them, I also will not paint: beginners, these add-ons to change to anything, and advanced traders without me understand.

barsback - as the last spark scan to find pieces Price Action

arrows - on / off arrows on the chart when a setup

arrowsize - size arrows

bullarrow, beararrow - the color of bull and bear arrows respectively

paintbar - On / off staining candlestick combinations

barthickness - transparency painted candles

bullishcol, bearishcol - color paintingfor bullish and bearish signals respectively

alarm - on / off beep when a setup Price Action

sound - audio file parameter alarm .It must be in the sounds folder of your terminal.It is necessary to register a file name with the extension.For example Tick.wav

alert - on / off the appearance of a window with a notice when a setup

m5, m15, m30, m60 - the ability to turn off the search on the part of the pattern timeframes

dist - the distance between the squares, signals the emergence of figures on other timeframes

oX, oY - indentation on the left and top of the info-panel indicator

Download Price Action indicators