" Trading Psychology ."Webinar provocation

Forex Trading Psychology

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen traders on Forex!Admit honestly: How much money you lost because of the emotions?How many losing trades was closed because of the fact that they went negative, and it irritated you?And how many times the currency immediately unfolded, after you have recorded a loss?

Up to 80% of success in trading forex depends on psychology.Enormous importance is money management strategy and only then.Not everyone understands this, but this is the harsh reality.How to beat yourself?How to stay calm in any situation?How to protect yourself from negative emotions, eclipsing the mind?It's time to pump your emotions control skills in trading.

What you will learn in the webinar?

How to overcome emotions in the forex

  • role of emotional state in trading
  • How our brain processes information and what "bugs" we have in our head)
  • vicious circle novice trader and how to get out of it
  • your environment - what to do with the household?
  • working methods to deal with stress.Only practical chips, no meditation.
  • And much more ...

links made during the webinar:

  • Money management
  • program Natura