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Crazy Nippel System - aggressive scalping for big earnings

Forex Strategy Crazy Nippel System download video Good day.The forex market, as it is known, allows you to earn a lot of money.But if you can carry them?Currency trading - no place for whiners.Today we discuss a powerful strategy of our forum called Crazy Nippel System .If you are unable to control their emotions when you first week on the Forex and the maximum that can - complain about it lost a hundred dollars in a cozy vkontaktike, this trading system is not for you.

Features Strategy Crazy Nippel System

Platform: Any
Currency pairs: any
Timeframe: D1 + H4 + M15 + M5 + M1
Trade time: European and American session
Recommended broker: Alpari (ecn-Accounts)


Forex Strategy CNS - Knowledge Base

This trading system is not for beginners.Below is a list of what you need to know to analyze the market for trading Crazy Nippel System strategy.

  • Setups Price Action
  • Divergence
  • strong levels of support /
  • resistance moving averages as dynamic levels

trade rules

PUBLISHED would katstov.kom

I will try to convey a brief TC rules list, but it can only serveas a crib in the trading

process.For a complete understanding of the rules, see the video at the beginning of this review.

So our goal - to determine the direction to trade on larger timeframes, then, to determine the direction, open orders on a more junior scale charts.

1) Analysis daily charts

Nanosim horizontal levels, RSI (with a period of 7), SMA with periods of 50, 100, 150 and 21;as well as 2 200 pairs of Bollinger bands with a deviation of 2 and 3. Determine the strong levels, looking for pieces Price Action, pay attention to the RSI and a divergence.Read the overall picture, we determine where likely price will move in the short term.

ideology of this strategy, with regards to levels of analysis - the levels of trade on the rebound.If there was a breakdown, we believe that it was false, or at least will retest level (price return to it).

2) Analysis H4

note levels on H4 (do not forget about the levels with daily charts), look at the next levels with the D1, analyze and RSI divergence.

3) analysis M15

Change RSI period 9, adding to the chart Zig Zag for a clearer definition of the trend and minima / maxima.Looking at the chart figure double bottom / top, triangles, etc.We try to answer the question: "What is happening on the chart?»

4) Analysis M5

What happens to the M5?We determine which way we will open the position, look for a local extremum and try to jump on it - buy oversold / overbought sell on.

5) Analysis M1 (optional)

input can be both the M5 and M1.We went on the RSI, the goal - the next strong level (most often - cluster of moving averages).Stop-loss and take-profit missing, manually close the deal in achieving the goals.

If larger timeframes (H4 and D1), it is not clear what is going on - do not trade.

management orders

Forex System CNS - orders management

Another important part of this strategy - working with orders grid.It's pretty simple: if after the opening of the order, price has reached our target, close, waiting for the next deal.

If the price continued to move against us, we are opening a new order after the fall by 10-50 points every once price movement will slow down again.The number of points depends on the current volatility and the volatility of the pair at all.For example, for the gold it will be 30-50 points for the EURUSD 10-30.The second and third order open starting lot, the order of 4-5 can be increased by 2 times.More than 5 orders in the market is not worth keeping.

In recruiting a large number of steps in the grid is best to go to a certain profit, without waiting for the movement to the calculated area to take profits - once the price does not behave as planned, then the analysis was not absolutely true and you should not take unnecessary risks.Bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

Money management

CNS Forex Money Management Strategy

SinceNet orders used (see. above), and even with an increase in the lot, money management plays a critical role in this system.If you are weak you know what items and the ratio of the size of the position to the deposit, you can close the page.You will lose.

For those who understand the importance of position sizing, the author makes the following recommendations: Lot 0.01 for every 200-300 units of currency.

also worth to determine for itself the aggregate stop-loss orders on the basket.Those.when you close all orders if the total loss on them to reach N%.This level sets each for himself, the best option - 30-35%.Closing such a total stop-loss is extremely rare and is compensated by the high profitability of the system as a whole.


Forex Strategy CNS outcome

Forex Strategy Crazy Nippel System is highly profitable, but it is not easy to sell on.Without compliance with money management, you will lose your deposit with a probability of 100%.I recommend to explore the branch system of the forum, sincethere are many more examples and response system of the author questions members of the forum.

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