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Hello, fellow forex traders!When trading with real money, you need to own the largest possible amount of information about your strategy.Sometimes it is enough to make a very insignificant adjustments to the rules of unprofitable trading system so that it becomes profitable.

For example, to remove from trading a particular tool or change the time to trade.But how to understand what needs to be adjusted to start to make a profit?It is important to know about making a profit and what to expect during the recession, stagnation and hold monthly / annual results of any strategy that you intend to use for trading with real money.This program can help EA Analyzer .About it today and we'll talk.


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is installed like any other program for Windows.There are 32 and 64 bit versions.

Install the program from the archive at the end of this review.

The program is so useful?

EA analizer 001

EA Analyzer makes advanced compared to the standard features of the terminal analysis of your trading results.In

addition the program allows you to make a summary of the work Steytment advisers on several currency pairs, that is, to combine several Advisor reports for different trading instruments in one.

EA analizer 003

In Steytment created with the help of this program you will find:

- detailed statistical characteristics of trade, including not available in the standard terminal report.

- earnings by months and years.

- various graphs such as gains / losses, depending on the hours of entry, the day of the week, the month, the total number of transactions for hours, days, weeks or months, the duration of transactions and relationship profitability of transactions on its duration, and a bunch of other statistical data submittedin an easy-to-understand graphical format.Over 20 different charts.

- naturally graph with subsidence and a list of transactions.

- basic characteristics can be displayed in the currency points or a percentage of the initial deposit.

- scenario "What if?" Allows "on the fly" to see how the trade would have changed the result, if, for example, we did not trade during certain hours or days of the week.

- Monte Carlo analysis allows to test your trading on stability.

How to use?


program does not support the Russian language, so not familiar with the English language would be a little difficult at first.The first thing we need - to prepare a report.This may be a report from the MetaTrader4 or even report downloaded from format * .csv.Load it by clicking on the button will return to the load menu.If you have several reports (for example, when testing advisor on several instruments), load all at once.In the free version has a limit - you can download only 20 records.If you forget to load some reports, you can also vospolzvatsya load button on the bottom panel.To calculate the summary report you want to select all of the downloaded reports (put a check mark in front of them) and click on the Create button portfolio.A new summary report titled Portfolio 1.

Below the main menu there is another 9 buttons.Let us consider each of them in detail.

  1. Overview (General).

Displays main trading results.It is possible to display in money, points or percentage - it is sufficient to use the second account (immediately after the Load button) in the main panel.

EA analizer 004

So, what we have here:

total profit (total profit).Displayed currency points or percentage.

Profit in pips (profit in pips).Total profit in points.

Yearly avg profit - average profit per year.Actually, if you downloaded the counselor reports without the use of money management (ie counselor, who traded all the time the same lot).In all other cases, this figure is not informative.

Yearlyavg% return - the average annual income as a percentage of the deposit.Just as in the previous paragraph.

# of trades - the total number of transactions.

Sharpe ratio - Sharpe ratio.One of the secondary statistical characteristics of bills.

Profitfactor - Profit Factor.One of the main statistical characteristics of the account - pay special attention.In fact - this is a factor of profitability of the trading system.It is believed that if this characteristic is less than 1.6 - the system is running inefficiently.When the system is running 1 "to zero."The bigger, the better.But for values ​​greater than 3 should be wary.

Return / DDratio - the ratio of average profit and loss.Too small a value indicative of "sittings out" position.The value of the more, the better.

Winning percentage - the number of winning trades in a percentage of the total number of transactions.It may be very different for different strategies.For example, when dealing with the trend, this value may be 40% or even lower.For Scalping tactic is usually not less than 70%.

Drawdown - drawdown absolute.How many squander the initial deposit.

% drawdown - the same thing, only in percentage terms.

Daily avg profit and monthly avg profit - Average daily and monthly profit (in the currency, or percentage points).

Average trade - average trade.If it is a minus - a trouble.

Annual% / MaxDD% - ratio between gross profit as a percentage of the initial deposit to the loss as a percentage.It allows you to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the strategy to the test time interval.If the period of 10 years, and this figure is less than 10 - it is not very good.Again, as for many other indicators, it will be different when using MM and without it.

R expectancy - expectation with respect to the average risk.Calculation example: Expectancy = 50% * 1.5 - 50% * 1 = 0.25, where 50% and 50% - the amount of profitable and losing trades as a percentage, 1.5 to 1 - the ratio of the take-profit to the stop-loss.

Rexpectancyscore - the same as the previous one, but the result is divided by the total number of transactions.

strategy quality number - Strategy quality rating assigned by the program based on the overall statistical characteristics.

SQNscore - same as above, but is tied to the number of transactions.

EA analizer 005

Wins / lossesratio - the ratio of profitable trades to unprofitable.

Payoutratio (avgwin / loss) - the ratio of average profit to the average loss.

Average # barsintrade - the average number of candles in the transaction.Simply - the average duration of the transaction expressed in the candlelight.

Z-score - z-score.A measure of deviation from the mean value of the result of the transaction.If this parameter is yes, then for profitable trade is losing, if negative, then again profitable.The further deviates from zero, the greater the probability.For example, when Z-score equal to greater than one, often quite effectively use such a dangerous method of money management as the martingale.

Expectancy - the expectation of the system.What is the average brings each transaction in the long term.

Deviation - the average deviation from the expectation.For example, the expectation is equal to $ 200.This Deviation = $ 300.So we can statistically expect such a result from the transaction: -100 $ to 500 $.The lower the setting Deviation, the better.Especially smooth graph of growth can we expect from the system.

Exposure - exposure.

Stagnation in days - stagnation in days.Time operation of the system with zero profitability.

Stagnationin% - the same, but the percentage of the total operating time of the system.

followed by characteristics that are typical for the MT4 terminal report.The only thing that can be identified, the average number of bars in the profit and loss (Avg # ofbarsinlosses and inwins).You can then examine the distribution table profit / loss for months and years.Unprofitable months is not uncommon for any system.Much worse situation with the loss-making years.Well, judge for yourself whether you are ready to finish for several years at a loss?I think there's not nerves of steel can not withstand.

  1. List of trades (trades sheet)

Here are collected all transactions in a calendar of Steytment order in a table, a little reminiscent of a standard table of the terminal report.Yet translate column of this table:

- ticket (ticket orders)

- symbol (tool symbol)

- timeframe (timetable period)

- type - type of order (buy / sell, stop / Limit otlozhka)

- opentime - opening

- openprice - opening price

- size - the amount of lots

- closetime - closing time

- closeprice - closing price

- timeintrade - time transaction

- profit / loss - ratioprofit / loss

- cumulative P / L -

- P / L in money - profit / loss in currency

- cumulative money P / L -

- P / L in pips - the ratio of profit / loss in points

- cumulativepipsP / L -

- P / Lin% - the ratio of profit / loss in percent

- cumulativeP / L% -

- comment - comment to the order.

In addition, there is a Manage view button.This is nothing like setting the table type.Here you can create a table of deals with only the options that you need and then select the display pattern using the window Choose view.It is also possible to save the table deals in * .csv format for further use, for example, in

  1. Equity chart (balance chart)

EA analizer 006

If you have downloaded several reports and then combined them into a single portfolio, all will be displayed on the graph.It is possible to display only the transactions in the purchase or sale (direction), enable / disable selection period of stagnation, as well as display options drawdown (not show in the display currency, or percentage points).It is also possible to construct a trend line on the graph growth (tick drawlines).

  1. Trade analisys (Trade Analysis)

EA analizer 007

very valuable information.Also graph data it is possible to configure up to 20 graphs displaying various statistical information as a bar and pie charts:

- tradesbyhour / weekday / day / month / year - number of trades on the clock / day of week / day of the month / months of the year/ year

- tradesbyduration - deals on

duration - P / Lbyhour / weekday / day / month / tradeduration - profit / loss for the hours / days of the week / day of the month / months of the year / duration transactions

- longvsshorttrades - the ratio of long andshort transactions

- longsvsshortsP / L - ratio of profit factors of long and short trades

- profit / loss - ratio between gross profit and loss

- longprofit / loss and shortprofit / loss - ratio between gross profit and loss only for purchases and sales separately

- wins / lossesbyhour, day, weekday, month - profitable and unprofitable transactions on the hours of the day, days of the month, day of week or month.

- wins / lossesprofitbyhour, day, weekday, month - profit and loss in the currency of the hour of day, day of month, day of week or month.

displayed in the final report are 6 different schedules to choose from.

  1. Settings (settings)

If you have downloaded the report of the EA will be displayed in the window configuration advisor, if the report is a manual trade, only the initial deposit.Also, you can set a custom initial deposit Initialdeposit field.Do not forget to click on the button Recomputestats (recalculate characteristics for the report).

  1. Monte carlo.

EA analizer 008

This is a special algorithm that allows you to check the system for stability with a slight change some of its parameters.In other words, by analyzing the Monte Carlo method of the system, you will get more or less realistic about her work data - as far as the system is stable, some minimal profit, and maximum drawdown can be expected from the system in the future.Settings are simple - the number of simulations (what it is, the more certain result, but still more than 100 no sense to use) and confidence level calculations (I advise to leave 90%).Total available two ways to use the algorithm:

- change places all transactions.All transactions report are interchanged in a random order.It provides insight on how to be behaved system, if the market was a bit different.The main purpose of the method - the definition of the limits of the maximum drawdown of the system.To select this method is enough to put a tick in front of the first paragraph.

- casual pass a certain percentage of the total number of transactions (specified probability parameter).There simply skipped a number of transactions from the report, selected randomly, as if the trader did not notice them.

Both methods can be used together.The graph on the left shows a graph plotted with possible scenarios.What these lines closer to the source, the better - the stability of the system, and the results are less random.The free version of the program, unfortunately, only available analysis of the first 30% of transactions from the report, but on this basis, you can often judge the quality of trade.

  1. What if scenario (scenario of "what if?»)

EA analizer 009

pretty useful feature of the program, allowing us to obtain the graph of the system of profitability if we adhere to the definition of additional rules:

A) to trade only on certain days marked with a tick.

b) trade only at certain times, marked with a tick.

B) Only the purchase or sale

D) to exclude a certain number of transactions with the maximum or minimum profit

D) to exclude the transaction, time overlapping.

E) to remove from the deposit / withdrawal of the report, the deal with zero profit

F) to leave only every second deal

B) to leave only a certain number of transactions per day

AND) use a fixed lot.

All these limitations make it possible to make adjustments to your trading system and as a result to trade more profitably.

  1. Equity control (control of the equity)

EA analizer 010

The main purpose of this tool in the control of the level of equity (the current drawdown in fact) with different indicators plotted equity: Bollingerbands, Ishimoku, Movingaverage and others.The idea, in some cases it improves system performance and reduces the drawdown.

  1. Portfolio Analysis (analysis of portfolio)

If you perform portfolio analysis, drawn from several reports, there is an opportunity to analyze the correlation between transactions on different instruments and at the same time the number of open trades on several instruments.

10. QuantEditor.

EA analizer 011

last thing I would like to mention - the built-in editor QuantEditor, in which any less intelligent programming trader can program any of your own scripts for use in the analysis of Monte Carlo or WhatIf.Then open limitless possibilities in your trade analysis, limited only by your needs and your imagination.


forex ea analyzer conclusion

EAAnalyzer - this is a very powerful tool for the analysis of your trading.It allows you to carry out a comprehensive analysis of your transactions, help dismantle trade in more detail and improve its results.

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