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Advisor PipSwinger - safe martingale ?

Hello friends!Many of us are impressed by the high profitability of forex advisors to the Martingale, but some traders deters potential danger of losing much of the deposit when trading such Developers PipSwinger tried to combine all the advantages of using the martingale in automated trading, but at the same time repeatedly to reduce the probability of loss of funds in the account by using a unique technology The Martingale Disrupter ™ .

Features advisor PipSwinger

Platform: the Metatrader 4
version Adviser: 1.34
Currency pairs: any, the authors use the GBPUSD, AUDCAD, AUDNZD
Timeframe: H1
Hours: Round the clock
Recommended DC:Forex4you (account Cent-NDD), Tradefort (Flex accounts)

What is the martingale?

I would like to start by explaining the example of the use of the principle of trade such as the Martingale reception.

Let's look at the use of the Martingale roulette example.Imagine a roulette in which you can only bet on red / black.

So, we put $ 1 on blac

Drops red.
We lost.Put $ 2 on black.
Put $ 4 on the black again and again losing.
We put $ 8 on black, black and falls we wins back all of our previous losses, even staying in a small plus.Of course, in reality the casino, there are limits on the maximum bet, and online offices are scripts that "wise men" will lead to the loss anyway (I had an online casino, so I know whereof I speak).But I think the principle is clear to you.

PipSwinger Advisor monitors series of orders to buy and sell separately.In the example below, we are talking about purchases, but sales of all the same, only the auction does not increase at lower and at higher prices.

So, imagine that PipSwinger Advisor opened a buy order with a lot o.01 for the price of 1.0000.Take Profit in 40 points is set to 1.0040.

price goes down, our position in the red, but still open.When the price goes down 40 pips to 0.9960, the adviser opens another buy order, but with a lot 0.02.Take-profit orders both exhibited hectares opening price of the first order.

price goes down again, two of our orders in the red, but still open.When the price moves 40 pips down from the point of opening of the second order, to 0.9920, PipSwinger open another order to buy, now with 0.04 lot.Take Profit orders of all transferred to the opening price of the previous (second) position - 0.9960.

This time the price goes up by 40 points, and all positions will be closed at 3 0.9960.Iz lot of 0.04 on the last warrant we stay in the black, despite the fact that the first position was closed in the red, the second is closed to zero, and the thirdHe earned 40 points.

The Martingale Disrupter ™

SinceForex market often shows a strong unidirectional movement, and we are limited in the margin, we do not want lots doubling occurred rapidly and dramatically sincethis may lead to loss of the deposit.And starting from the 3rd or 4th knee (depending on settings), the adviser uses various elements reduce technology risks The Martingale Disrupter ™.You will see the different sizes of orders in the grid, not always following a doubling, as well as positions can be closed before take-profit.All this is necessary in order to "slow down" Martingale-component advisor, make it less harsh and reduce overall risk.

course the danger of loss of deposit still remains, but it is much lower than without the technology risk reduction.

graphic example of behavior counselor without reducing technology risks:

Using The Martingale Disrupter ™:

Monitoring live accounts

First of all, the analysis of advisors, I draw attention to the presence zamonitorennyh accounts.In the case of operating since 2010, we have PipSwinger account until the present day, while showing good profitability.On the loss of attention not dwell, becausecompared with the original version, is now advisor algorithm is much safer.

testing history

Advisor on historical data behaves quite expectedly - the yield is not high, but the growth curve does not cause too much worry.And many of mind - this is an important moment.








Installation AdvisorPipSwinger not complicated, just follow the instructions in the FAQ on trade councilors.If you are uncomfortable with the automatic trading, I advise you to watch this video forex on autopilot. not forget to put your balance in advisor's settings (see description of settings. below)

recommended money management

SinceAdvisor though and understated the risk, but still uses Martingale, the selection of the correct size of start-up capital should be approached very carefully.The table below shows the recommended minimum deposit for different types of accounts.Values ​​are based on one pair, i.e.if you want to trade one account two pair, you will need the sum of the table multiplied by 2. If you are going to trade three pairs, then 3 and so on.

Account type Minimum lot and step lot Min.initial deposit Examples Brokers
Sent-NDD 0.01 $ 60 (6000 cents) Forex4you
Cent 0.1 $ 600 Roboforex
Standard 0.01 $ 6000 Alpari
Classic 0.1 $ 60,000 Classic type of account the majority of brokers

Description advisor settings PipSwinger

While setting the EA PipSwinger very much a novice trader is nothing butBalanceFactor not need to change.

DoTrades - enable / disable the opening of new positions.

MonitorAndClose - when this function is activated, the adviser will cease trading, after reaching positions take profit.

StealthMode - if there is in the true position, the broker does not see profit levels of restrictions used in trade.Nevertheless, they are controlled by an advisor at the program level.

AutoStealthMode - automatically include StealthMode before the weekend in order to avoid possible losses when prices jump (gepah) at market opening.

AllowLotsBeyondMaxSize - setting for very large accounts, when activated, when the position reaches the maximum limit of the lot with a broker, adviser to several open orders, to work around this limitation.

ModifyMartingale - when this option is enabled, the auction starts doubling only with 3rd knee, not the second.

TradeDirection - 0 = open a position in the sale and the purchase at the same time, 1 = only the sale, purchase only 1 = 2 = alternate buying and selling.3 = to decide what is best at the moment, based on the domestic advisor algorithm.

TradeRange - level take profit and at the same time the level of the opening of the next bend (see above description of the martingale.).If you set 0, the adviser himself will determine this level, based on the ATR.

WaitPips - if the value is greater than zero, then the adviser will wait until the price will be X points against possible position, before the opening of the order.

StopLoss - the opportunity to put a stop-loss, is disabled by default.

UseMartingaleDisrupter - on / off risk mitigation technology.

AdjustTakeProfit - on / off keeping the accumulated negative swaps at the closing of a series of orders.

OnlyAfterLevel - with a knee will begin work MartingaleDisrupter.

DisrupterClose - a multiplier applied to take profit, after the initial activation MartingaleDisrupter (OnlyAfterLevel)

OnlyAfterLevel2 - with a knee MartingaleDisrupter become more active.

DisrupterClose2 - a multiplier applied to take profit after the secondary activation MartingaleDisrupter (OnlyAfterLevel2)

MaxSellMartingaleLevel and MaxBuyMartingaleLevel - the maximum number of tribes on the sale and purchase.

CloseBuyBeyondMax and CloseSellBeyondMax - When you turn on these options, after reaching the maximum knee and has N points, the EA will close all positions at a loss.

MaxDrawDownPct - the ability to limit the maximum drawdown in percent.

LimitToThisPair - when working MaxDrawDownPct parameter to consider a drawdown of only one pair of (true) or for all accounts (false).

UseGridExpander - PipSwinger when activated will gradually expand the net open new orders after activation MartingaleDisrupter.

ExpandPips and ExpandPips2 - how many points to expand the grid at the primary and secondary activation MartingaleDisrupter.

TradeLots - the ability to change the size of the first order in the series.At zero, the adviser will determine the necessary size.

BalanceFactor - your account balance. Do not forget to change the setting in accordance with your deposit.

ControlBalance - enter here your balance if you want to withdraw profits at certain levels according to the three trail.parameters.

LockInProfits - the amount you want to withdraw each time the account.Setup needs to Advisor deducted this amount from the balance of the account in the calculation of the lot.

StopWhenProfitReached - to stop the trade and close all positions when the funds in the account reaches the amount ControlBalance and LockinProfits parameters.

MaxLots - if enabled ControlBalance, may set a limit on the maximum number of items when using this method.

MagicNumber - identifier for the transaction advisor.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - on / off trade in certain days of the week.

ResetMaximums - the ability to erase the data on the progress advisor knees.

LookBackDays - the number of days the last analysis, with TradeDirection parameter equal to 3.

LookBackMinimumPips - the minimum number of points which must pass price in the last X number of days from the parameter LookBackDays.If the range of motion is less than this value, the number of days for the analysis increases.

CloseAllBuyTrades and CloseAllSellTrades - possibility to close all purchases and all sales, respectively.

Trade Recommendations

As is the case with other Martin, highly recommend to study the post 9 of the rules for handling hazardous advisors.All the tips in this article are relevant for PipSwinger.Perhaps the most important point - is the systematic withdrawal of profits.The authors recommend the following scheme: each month half display earned, and the other half left in the back of an expert.It is a good idea.


PipSwinger - Advisor quite remarkable, can be a good expert to dilute your portfolio of automatic systems (to put it of course only in a separate account), reducing the risk of Martingale also serve many important advantage.Personally, I have this bot is sympathetic, but some super-profits it will bring, but it instills some confidence.

Can PipSwinger drain deposit?Can.Under certain circumstances, like any other boat on the Martingale, PipSwinger may result in loss of deposit.As an example, you can get rid of a couple of GBPUSD in the tester for 2008 and see for yourself.Yes, in the same year was the height of the crisis, but who said that this does not happen again?So do not forget about the rules of a martingale and every month we derive earnings.

Important !!!

to run correctly advisor trading platform should be included with the evening opening of the market on Sunday before it closed on Friday evening.If you are unable to keep the computer in working order 24/5, I advise you to use VPS server service.

Download Advisor PipSwinger

Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4