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Good day, fellow traders.I have repeatedly said that the support / resistance levels are essential tools of technical analysis on forex and should be considered when working with any strategy.

However, many see the levels where they do not exist.As a result, where there is no need to go in, see the support newcomers to enter, come out of trades too early, thinking that way worth the price level, although it is not there, etc.etc.In general, the problem is that traders do not understand how to build levels on the chart CORRECT.And on our webinar we are IN PRACTICE learn this invaluable skill.

«I look in the book - see fig»

learning problems

I think we all understand that the theory - it is one thing and practice - more.You can read hundreds of books about sailing, about how to properly swim faster with less energy, etc.But until you enter the water, you do not learn to swim.Also in trading - tutorials give you a theory, but do not give the practice.

In the case of horizontal levels on the graph, the situatio

n is similar - the Cubs look a lesson, and in its terminals that draw devils.And then cry on forums that technical analysis does not work.

The solution is simple - practice is necessary, but on the part of the control.And webinar « How to determine the levels? »we are going to do this.

What is a webinar?

What is a Webinar

Webinar - an online seminar where participants have the opportunity not only to observe but also to ask questions, chat with other members, respond to the questions of the presenter and be directly involved in the lesson.In general, as a living workshop, only through the Internet.

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