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Lessons for working with Forex Tester program

forex tester lessons

Good afternoon, fellow traders!Many of you probably already know what Forex Tester and what it's for.This is a very useful program for testing of manual trading strategies with great functionality.Judging from the letters to the editors of our site, many have some issues when working with it.Today we will try to find answers to them.Below - a detailed guide to installing, configuring, and testing strategies directly Forex Tester 'e.

Getting Started

Installing Forex Tester program

  1. Installing and registering

Go to website, find the menu item "Download", then find the big green button "Download".If you know a little programming, indicators source ( You do not come in handy.

Forex Tester ( 1 )

Once downloaded, run the downloaded file and install the program in the same way as any other.

to complete the work with the program you need to purchase a registration key.

So, after receiving the key run the program.Go to the menu «Help» - & gt;"Register your program."Select the option "I already have a re

gistration key" and press forward.In the form that appears, enter the user name and the registration key received earlier by mail.

  1. Modes program.Data Center.Loading stories.

uses two modes - edit mode and test.

Forex Tester ( 3 )

Edit mode is designed to work with historical data, import and export quotations and data preparation for testing.To work with the quotes go to "Tools" menu - & gt;"Data Center".

Forex Tester ( 4 )

Here are stored all the quotes for all currency pairs.All data can be edited.There are two options import quotes in the program: the program from the server (8), or downloaded in advance from the quotation file (9).Online programs offer to acquire quotes for a price, but we do not care, much better to upload your own quotes.

In the characters are all available tools for the job.You can edit the list using the "Add" button (1) or "Delete" (2).

clicking on the "Edit" button (3), you can work with the properties of the currency pair:

Forex Tester ( 5 )

To edit the name of the instrument is available, the type of instrument (Currency pair - currency pair, Stock - share, CFD - Futures).You can set the number of digits after the decimal point (for example, the four-digit or five-digit quotes), the lot size (for forex 1 lot is equal to 100,000 units of base currency for shares - depending on the chosen), spread in points, the so-called Stop Level (minimum distanceof the price prior to placing stop loss or take profit) in points, for swaps purchases and sales and margin for 1 lot.

Select a broker (4) can only be bought quotes from the site of the program, but we do not need.But the times are a function of shear time quotations (5) may be useful.As you know, different brokers use different time zones for their servers and this depends heavily on the very form of the candles on the four-hour and daily charts.So if you are trading on a larger timeframe, focusing on candlestick formation advise to put the time shift is the same as that used by your broker.More about this can be read here.

Imported minute story (6) - an indicator of the quality of your quotes.It allows you to detect breaks in the quotes and assess the overall quality of the downloaded quotations.If a strip of visible red zone - that is missing in history.The second strip (7) - the same indicator, but for the tick history.

download quotes in two ways - by downloading data from the server program or by downloading from a file of quotes.If you are paid separately historical data on the program's website, you can simply download them from the server by clicking on "Update from server".In this case, you will see not only the history of the minute, and teak.If the historical data you do not pay, you still have the opportunity to download a minute history from the server.

You can also upload your history by clicking on the button "Import from file."This may be file format * .txt, * .csv, * .dat, and * .hst, so you can upload a minute history of any broker, any instrument.I recommend to upload quotes from Ducascopy or at least from Alpari.Most other brokers provide historical quotes from MetaQuotes, which are not of good quality.

You basically can export the history to a file (10) or clear the history of the currency pair (11).

So you have created the necessary tools and you have downloaded the story, edited the properties, and now need to generate ticks for each currency pair, for each timeframe.You can choose between two methods of generating ticks - in terms of minute candles or Open / High / Low / Close points.In the first case, tics are randomly distributed within the candle, the number of ticks to be equal to its volume.In the second case, tics are generated by four points minute candles.Preferred is a second way, because of less resource-intensive.Also, do not forget to check for the use of imported teak history.In this case, if on a particular bar is a real tick history, then it will be used.Let me remind you that the real tick history is only available historical data from Ducaskopy, as they are described here download.Select the appropriate currency pairs and click "Generate".After some time, the data are generated.

You can now proceed to the second mode of operation of the program - the regime of testing and, in fact, begin testing strategies.This preparation for work in the program is completed.

main functional

Forex tester basic functionality

  1. Test Run

Forex Tester ( 6 )

left in (1) menu, you can select your preferred currency pairs and periods of work.You can open multiple windows with different periods of one or more currency pairs.All standard periods for MT4 terminal.

Press «Start Test», select the segment of history to test and click "Test".Appears here is a window:

Forex Tester ( 8 )

Then we can start testing with the first date in the history of the beginning of the test, or set the date manually.In addition a special runner, you can choose how many days to load history before test date.That is, to start the test, you can not with an empty schedule and already podgruzhenny piece of historical data.

Preparing for the test takes place for a long time, especially if you are using real tick data, so set the check box "Install paused after a connection", then you can move on a few minutes away from the monitor.

During testing, you can adjust the speed (2) using the slider and set testing is paused.To the right of the slider, you can select the quality of testing in the drop-down menu.When selecting, for example, 1 hour, ticks will be built on the hour candle.If you need a very fine quality, select the Every tick.

Forex Tester ( 7 )

right panel contains icons in the form of candles.They are only available in the pause mode.By clicking on the first one, you can return to one bar back and forth by clicking on the second button.The next button allows you to walk by ticks.

If you wait too dotestirovat strategy and you need to be interrupted by turning off the computer, you can later continue testing, again by clicking on the button «Start Test» and continuing since the shutdown.

  1. menu and program panel

Core program reminds MT4 terminal.

Forex Tester ( 13 )

It also has a bar (1) "Market", which contains a list of available currency pairs (the ones that we have prepared for testing by generating ticks).In the same panel, below there is a tab "character" list with the very currency pairs, "Tiki" from the tick chart for the chosen currency pair, "Stat." With the test statistics.

data window (2) - the same as in MT4 terminal.

Window "Terminal" (3) contains four tabs - open positions, pending orders, account history and the Journal.

now dwell on the main menu.

tab "File»:

Forex Tester ( 15 )

Allows you to open the window graphics (in test mode only those who were prepared for the tests), and Range window bars.Range bars - a synthetic candles, the size of which is not less than a specified number of points we manually.Something similar in idea to the schedules "Renko".Range bars help to more clearly see the price consolidation area and out of these zones.

Data Center and the generation of ticks is available in edit mode.We've talked about these instruments.It is also possible to remove the screen screenshot:

Forex Tester ( 16 )

You can also save the current project testing the trading system, or download already saved, to establish new indicators, strategies or scripts.All of them have the format * .dll and without specific knowledge in programming, write your own indicator unfortunately does not work, but if there is a great desire to do this discussion forum site publishers can find programmers are always ready to help you for a modest fee.

Next Tab - "Editing»:

Forex Tester ( 17 )

It allows you to perform various operations with graphics, plotting - to select and delete them from the chart.

Tab "View" is very similar in functionality to the same tab in MT4:

Forex Tester ( 18 )

Here it is possible to enable or disable the main panel of the device, configure the display mode on the chart, to manage the scale of the graph, customize the look of schedule (padding, mesh,dividers periods, and so on), adjust the appearance of the graph of profit (which we will discuss a little later), and how to save and load templates to customize the appearance of graphs.Some of these functions are also available on the lower panel in the form of buttons.

tab "Box»:

Forex Tester ( 19 )

Allows you to add indicators on the chart.There are 45 basic built-in indicators for all occasions.Unfortunately, the indicators used in the program in the format * .dll, and not * .mq4, therefore indicators of the MT4 terminal will not do.With a strong desire, as I have said, you can order the desired indicator programmers on the site's forum program producers.

also through the tab can be added to the schedule various graphical objects - lines, geometric shapes, channels, Fibonacci tools, the markup for lovers of the wave theory, text labels, and so on.Virtually all graphic objects can also be found on the lower panel of buttons.

tab «Order»:

Forex Tester ( 20 )

works in test mode, allowing you to open, modify and close orders.There is also a bar, duplicating the functions of this tab, from the bottom, but it lacks some useful features: a deposit / withdrawal of money from the accounts and the closing of all positions.Other features will be described in detail below.

The following is a tab "Testing»:

Forex Tester ( 21 )

All functions contained in this tab is also duplicated on the panel at the bottom and will be described below.

tab "Tools»:

Forex Tester ( 22 )

The "Settings" window causes the settings of the program, which consists of four tabs:

Forex Tester ( 23 )

Test history: the only useful feature - the ability to set the initial deposit for testing.All other features are duplicated in a more convenient and easily accessible form.

Forex Tester ( 24 )

Tab trade will be useful for testing of trading strategies involving a fixed take-profit and stop-loss or trailing stop the same settings.Here you can edit the existing ones, delete, or create your own blanks for orders to buy or sell, so in the process of testing is not to expose the settings for each new order.

Tabs "Sound" and "Renewal" are purely service nature and is not so interesting.

Also in the tab "Tools" you can select a preferred language and go to the data center for data preparation for the test.

tab "Windows" allows you to control the windows of graphs similar to the eponymous tab MT4 terminal tab "Help" contains information about the program, links to the site and the forum of producers and general help on the program in English, in great detail describing each program button.

testing strategies

forex tester testing strategies

  1. Opening, closing and modification of orders

After starting the test, you can set deferred and market orders, and edit them using the following panels:

Forex Tester ( I )

Youyou can use the drop-down "Order" tab menu.

first icon (shortcut F2) - to open a new market order.

Forex Tester ( 10 )

interface similar to the interface of MT4 terminal, nothing complicated about it there.The only thing to note - the direction of the transaction selected by the two square buttons: red - the sell, blue - buy.

In the same window you can configure the trailing stop when activated trawl (immediately or when a certain profit in points), distance in points trailing stop and step to change it.

You must have noticed small pipette next to each price field.So, it can be used without entering a price manually assign it to the chart, which is especially useful if your stop loss and take-profit levels are set based on the current market prices, for example, the nearest extrema or shadows candlestick formations.

You can also specify a fixed value for the Stop Loss and Take Profit, which will be converted into the price from the current price.

second icon (F3) - the installation of a pending order.

Forex Tester ( 11 )

Here you can select the type of pending order - Limit or the Stop, lotnost activation price, the initial stop loss and take profit levels, write a comment to the order and set a trailing stop.

third button only works if there is an open market and pending orders.It called the F4 key when selected in the bottom panel of the order.

Forex Tester ( 12 )

In this window, you can change parameters such as stop loss, take profit and trailing stop, and the exercise price for pending orders.

next icon in the panel - to close the selected order (F5).Closes on the market you have selected a market order.It can be used if the strategy is the reverse signal outputs, for example.

Delete pending order (F6) - deletes selected in the bottom panel of the pending order.

The last button on the panel - set pending orders (Ctrl + O), will help, if the strategy involves the installation of multiple pending orders simultaneously.

Forex Tester ( 14 )

In the window that appears, you can add a variety of pending orders, edit and delete them.

remind you that the list of the current market orders can be seen in the window "Terminal" on the tab "Open Positions".List of pending orders are in the tab "Pending orders" and history has already committed transactions in the "Account History".In addition, you can study the statistics of the account in the process of testing panel "Market" tab in the "Stat.".All operations performed with the orders will be reflected in the tab "History" of the terminal.There is also a chance to see the schedule of balance the system under test.To do this, go to the View tab of the main menu and find in the tab "Window profit" drop-down menu.Put a check mark in the "Show window profit."It is possible to customize the display of this window: whether or not the balance, equity, margin and drawdown.

  1. use of indicators and graphic elements

Add indicator to the chart, you can in the "Insert" tab - & gt;"Add Indicator".You can choose from 45 different indicators.

Forex Tester ( 19 )

Unfortunately, the indicators used in the program in the format * .dll, and not * .mq4, therefore indicators of the MT4 terminal will not do.With a strong desire, as I have said, you can order the desired indicator programmers on the site's forum program producers.But those indicators that are available, it is quite enough for normal operation.