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The strategy of " Seer " - look at the market through different eyes

forex strategy seer

«I want more sales!", "I want to enter the market more often!" - Surely you caught these thoughts in my head.Although many people understand the mind that success in forex need to choose only quality setups hand and stretches to open an extra dozen orders ... How to deal with it?The answer is simple - you need to look for high-quality deal, but a lot of tools.Then transactions will be many, and they will not be far-fetched.This will help us profitable forex strategy "Seer» .

Characteristics of the trading system, "the Seer»

Platform: the Metatrader 4
Currency pairs: any
Timeframe: optional
Trading Hours: around the clock, to trade intraday - London session and the beginning of the American
Recommended DC:Alpari, Roboforex

Setting strategies MT4

Files strategies (see. the review below) installed in the terminal on the standard instructions.Nothing complicated.

Rules entrance

forex entry rules strategy seer

enter the market with the appearance of the arrows on the main graph (indicator Providec), provided that

it coincides with the testimony of the current trend in the indicator Providec_Trend (bottom chart).Those.If both indicators show the direction of the up - buy, when both show down - sell.


Entering only when a fresh change of trend in the indicator Providec_Trend .Only on the first arrow.If the change of trend was not, and the arrow came back - not included.An exception can only be if we were not included on the first arrow of the large stop-loss (see. Below).

Stop-Loss and Take-Profit

stop loss and take profit forex strategy seer

Stop-loss is set just below / just above the nearest local extreme.If the stop is obtained visually larger - not enter .

take profit is equal to the stop-loss multiplied by 2. In the rare cases where the stop loss is visually very small - can be multiplied by 3.


additionally forex strategy seer

  • input only after the closing of the candle with an arrow.At the opening of the next bar.
  • When trading intraday (timeframes lower than H1) are trading only in the European and US session.The American session is over - close all transactions, regardless of the current profit / loss.
  • For those who have problems with the definition of local minima / maxima in the archive strategy has SR_Dots indicator marking these levels on the chart.However, he sometimes makes mistakes, be careful.

Forex Indicator SR Dots

Recommended risk

Recommended level of risk forex strategy seer

is not advisable to venture into one transaction by more than 1-2% of the deposit.Expect lot comfortable using a special calculator .


Trading Strategy "seer" has a very interesting feature, namely a strong selectivity for the transactions.And while it is universal and suitable for any currency pair and any can take the best deal, and at the same time there will be many, becausecan be traded on a large number of tools.It is also interesting that the system is suitable for any timeframe that you prefer to use.

Download files forex strategy Seer

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Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4

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