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Ozymandias indicator - to win market noise !

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and said the proud ruins:
«I name - Ozymandias, king of kings.
My Acts sees, rulers! »
But no one in the desert world.
And only one endless plains -
Majestic his witnesses.

Hello friends!Have you ever close the deal, just because one or two candles moved against your position, and you have lost confidence in it?Probably, yes.Forex Prices never move straight down or straight up.There is always a market noise that distracts and confuses the traders, especially beginners.Filter the market noise and allow to remain in the transaction as long as possible is intended to accurate Forex indicator called Ozymandias.About him we'll talk this time.

Why do we need light Ozymandias?

How to trade using forex indicator Ozymandias

Ozymandias indicator monitors the market trends with absolute reliability, ignoring the sharp fluctuations and market noise.

- Amazingly easy to use in trade
- Finds moments oversold / overbought
- Gives you the ability to always easy to trade without affecting the market noise
- Allows you to avoid sharp turns on the

intraday charts

indicator for trading in small timeframes, becauseit ignores the sudden price hikes or price movement correction market by reducing the noise around the average price.

Boost your trading activity and be stable in that time, when all is shaky.

How to trade using indicators Ozymandias

Examples forex strategies using the indicator Ozymandias

structure and operation of the indicator

Ozymandias indicator displays a colored line surrounding the price range.Color Line is the average value of the price of the currency pair and the price band indicates overbought / oversold.If the average prices of the blue, you should look for an entry point to open long positions when the market is overbought, and if the average price is red, you should look for an entry point to open short positions when the market is oversold.

Changing trend in the indicator is not a signal for immediate entry into the market!The bands are used to select the time for input.


strategies There are many strategies that can be developed with the help of Ozymandias indicator.The simplest of them - turning system - used only when the closing price is the average price hit or band that avoids the entry into the market at the time of the sudden occurrence of a non-market quotations or correction at the sharp movements in the market price.

rules can be summarized as follows.It is necessary to buy in an uptrend when the price reaches the average value or oversold and sell in a downtrend, when the price reaches the average value or overbought.Thanks to this simple strategy, you can minimize your losses when the market is in a flat or is unstable.

However, you can create your own trading strategies, important to make sure that trade takes place within the band or close to the average price.Virtually any indicator may be useful in conjunction with the indicator Ozymandias without changing the amplitude, while the basic price movement is isolated from the market noise.

In addition, you can configure the entry strategy using at its discretion, other components of the price movement, such as patterns Price Action or other indicators.Just do not buy above the overbought level or sell below the oversold level.


Frequently Asked Questions Forex Indicator Ozymandias

1. Always Is Ozymandias is an indicator of the market?

No.If the price is below the upper band, only long positions should be opened.In the case when the price chart is above the lower band only short positions should be opened.Changing the direction of the trend does not mean that you have to trade this very minute!Indicator eliminate market noise, but not completely.You should wait until the price closer to the average of prices before the opening position or closing the open.

2. Where it is necessary to place a stop-loss and take-profit.

indicator does not display the occupancy levels of stop-loss or take profit.

3. The indicator looks perfect.Are you sure he will not fail?

This indicator fails.To make sure that it gives the right signals to enter the market before work in the real market, test it, please, in the demo version.

4. What are the options in this indicator?

In fact, this indicator has only one option to configure - amplitude.For more information on this variable is explained in the video at the beginning of the review.


Forex Ozymandias indicator is set in the normal way.Nothing complicated.Couples and timeframes can be arbitrary.


not forget that Ozymandias indicator, like any other, can not be used alone, without filtering.This indicator can complement your own forex trading strategy, or the basis for building the new system.

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