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Hello, dear traders.We present our profitable and long-term adviser "Stenoboy".Its distinguishing feature is the following well-known paradigm of "buy on new tops, sell to new lowlands," which allows you to make a profit at the break of support and resistance levels.However, this seemingly simple idea requires serious calculations and application of sustainable market-based algorithms.As a way of implementing the strategy used scalping strategy.It is believed that scalping - a tactic very often come, but "Stenoboy" trades infrequently, but is due to what is provided by safe and of profitable trading.

proposed Advisor is good not only on historical data, but also confident and profitable trading in actual accounts.

Advisor Features

Platform: the Metatrader 4
version Adviser: 1.3
Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD
Timeframe: any (M1-H4)
Hours: At certain times (time filter)
Recommended broker:Alpari

FAQ installation

Advisor install as usual.If you are new to the Forex robots and you have a l

ot of questions, - swing and watch the forex course on autopilot.

Attention! work properly adviser Stenoboy before the first start-up, data from all of the M1 to H4 charts.To do this, open the chart of EURUSD and sequentially switch the timeframes in this chart from M1 to H4, waiting for a full load and display graphics on each of the timeframes.The same must be done for the pair GBPUSD.

Strategy Advisor

trade Style: scalping.advisor's strategy is based on the definition of support and resistance levels as well as the scanning movement of the market, to assess whether the momentum strong enough to ensure that the price could reach new highs or lows.Also, the adviser has a competent, intellectual capital management ability and dynamic levels of TP and SL.

Bektest advisor



Advisor - Wall - beёktest - 2007-2013 - ЁROSD - GMT_3 - risk1prs

As you can see, on a pair EURUSD Advisor provides a steady, smooth deposit growth.



Advisor - Wall - beёktest - 2007-2013 - GBPOSD - GMT_3 - risk1prs

pair GBPUSD On the deposit grows not as smooth as on the pair EURUSD, it is also acceptable.

settings Description

LongAllowed - enable / disable the opening of transactions for the purchase

ShortAllowed - enable / disable the opening of transactions on sale

1 All the information on the terminal chart shown in German
2 All information on the terminal chart shown in English

Money management selection - choice of money management.The advisor is available three types of money management (see. Below).Adjusting each of them in a separate section.

MM1: Fixed Fractional Money Management (FFM)

MoneyManagement_Variant = 1 - Advisor to risk a fixed percentage of the balance in each transaction.Stop-loss is dynamic, so the size of the lot will be different in each transaction, depending on the stop.

Risk_long_Percent - percentage risk per trade for shopping

Risk_short_Percent - percentage risk per trade sales

Use_Adaptive_MM - on / off alternate (optional) payment of the lot, based on the accumulated profit.Accumulated profit is considered separately for the transactions on purchase and sale transactions on.When opening a position, counselor divides the accumulated profit at a predetermined divisor (Divisor), and if the resulting number of dollars more than the result parameter Risk_Percent, it will be used as a stop loss and the basis for setting the size of the lot position.

Divisor_Long, Divisor_Short - divider Adaptive_MM options for deals to buy and sell respectively.

Example of Adaptive_MM options:

Starting balance $ 10000 // Risk_Percent = 3 // Divisor_Long = 8

Current account balance $ 16000 = 10000 + 6000 starter profit (5,000 purchases and 1,000 in sales)

footprint calculation.position to buy:

Risk 1 (based on Risk_Percent) = 16,000 $ x 3% = 480 $

Risk 2 (based on Adaptive_MM) = Profit on purchases / Divisor_Long = 5000/8 = 625 $

= & gt; & gt; & gt;Risk 2 (based on Adaptive_MM) more than one risk, so Advisor installs lot orders on the basis of the amount of risk obtained at Adaptive_MM calculations.

MM2: ReInvest Money-Management

MoneyManagement_Variant = 2 - Advisor to risk a fixed number of units of the currency of the deposit on the transaction + percentage of all previous earnings / loss counselor.Calculated separately for purchases and sales.

BasicRisk_L - fixed risk in the currency of the deposit on the transaction for purchases.

BasicRisk_S - fixed risk in the currency of the deposit on the transaction for the sale.

Reinvest_PcL -What percentage of all profits / losses on all orders for the purchase to add to a fixed risk for shopping (BasicRisk_L)

Reinvest_PcS -What percentage of all profits / losses on all orders for sale to add to the fixed risk forsales (BasicRisk_S)

MaxRisk_PcL, MaxRisk_PcS - the maximum percentage risk per trade as a percentage of the balance (for purchases and sales separately) using ReInvest Money-Management.

MM3: Fixed Lotsize

MoneyManagement_Variant = 3 - Advisor will trade fixed lot.For sales and purchases in the auction exhibit certain parameters:

Lots_Long, Lots_Short - fixed lot for the transactions on purchase and sale, respectively.

Auto_Trade_Open - enable / disable the advisor "Stenoboy" open position automatically (without confirmation from the user).

doTheTradeManagement - option to disable automatic control of profit and stop-loss by the advisor and ask them yourself. only for advanced users!

Use_Individuell_SL - switch for issuing stop loss manually
SL_AT_Trade_Open_Long and SL_AT_Trade_Open_Short - exhibiting stoploss for transactions for the purchase and sale, respectively

Use_Individuell_TP - switch for issuing take profit manually
TP_AT_Trade_Open_Long and TP_AT_Trade_Open_Short - exhibiting TakeProfit for transactions for the purchase and sale, respectively

use_Time_Management - use time management (time filter). Do not change anything unless you know what you are doing!

use_Local_Time / use_Server_Time - specifies the use of time or a local computer that is running the Advisor or time.

Attention! recommended that you use the setting on the time of a broker, not the local time of the computer that is running the Advisor: use_Local_Time = false;use_Server_Time = true
startTime_Day, startTime_Hour - sets the day and hour of the start of trading.
Day is set in a digital mode: 0 = Sunday / 1 = Monday / 2 = Tuesday / 3 = Wednesday / 4 = Thursday / 5 = Friday / 6 = Saturday
endTime_Day, endTime_Hour, endTime_Minute - end time of the EA, is given daily,hour and minute of the end respectively.

Recommended broker -Alpari.To have similar results on other brokers, keep in mind that filters the transaction advisor to time.To compare the difference in time between the brokers you can, by comparing the time in the menu "Market Watch" of the terminal to the reference GMT on site.

Slippage - allowable slippage (in points).

MaxSpread - the maximum value of the spread, in which the adviser will make transactions.For example if you set this parameter to 3, when spreads over 3 points, the EA will not trade, and will open positions only when the spread is less than 3.

recommended money management

risk per trade above 5% should not be put.


Advisor Stenoboy is a moderately profitable, safe robot skalpingovogo type, which will help to steadily increase the deposit without big drawdowns for a long time.Without a doubt, this expert deserves attention.

Important !!!

to run correctly advisor trading platform should be included with the evening opening of the market on Sunday before it closed on Friday evening.If you are unable to keep the computer in working order 24/5, I advise you to use VPS server service.

Download Advisor "Stenoboy»

dovnload - BLK - ed

Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4