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We determine the goals for the " slaughter " of trade with ADX indicator

Forex indicator to determine the objectives within the day

How often greed compelled you to sit in a deal longer than necessary?How many times have you blamed himself for what came out of the market too early?Enough!

Pretty.It is time to wander around in the dark and gain a clear vision of the goals in intraday trading.One of the short-term trading secrets - is to know when to exit the trade.At the same time taking the maximum number of points, but without too much brooding in the deal in the hope of illusory profits.And this will help us a professional forex indicator to determine the objectives within the day - ADR (Average Daily Range).

indicator Features ADR

Platform: the Metatrader 4
Currency pairs: any
Timeframe: from M5 to H4
Trade time: European and American session
Recommended DC: Alpari, Forex4You


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indicator Average Daily Range is set in the usual instructions for working with indicators, to invent anything not necessary.

Opportunities indicator ADR

Features indicator adx

indicator ADR - is a calculator for calculating the average d

aily range (FBC) is a professional tool for trading on Forex.

average daily range is an indication of the maximum value of daily market movements, which can be expected in a reasonable range.Calculator FBC provides valuable information about the market in real time, which can be seen even in the eyes.Calculator FBC will greatly help you in trading, namely in setting goals.

Benefits Professional indicator ADR

• Automatic calculation of daily and weekly trading ranges
• Allows you to schedule intraday trading guidelines - intraday highs and lows.
• Once the weekly range, you can use the built-batted strategy or major breakdown of price levels.
• Is configurable and user-friendly.
• Identifies areas of support and resistance.
• Identifies and verifies the correct direction to trade.

Options Professional calculator FBC

• Display Settings: standard (full-size) or a mini-display.
• Adjustable color.
• Settings select the average daily range for the different traders.
• Ability to select the display location in the corner: in the upper left, upper right, lower left or lower right.
• Adjustable font size
• Setting the daily and / or weekly levels.

Job indicator ADR

Indicator Average Daily Range (ADR) refers to - the average daily range.The name speaks for itself.The indicator is calculated daily range for trading intraday.Useful for both novice and experienced traders.

suggest to make out what it is.More clearly you can do it on the chart of any currency pair.For example, EUR / USD hourly chart.Day range is nothing but the distance in points from the lowest point to the highest point on the graph traversed price for any particular trading day.Please do not confuse this with the distance from the opening to the closing of the day.

range of 27.03 days is equal to 67 points.


If you go on the daily chart, the range will be equal to the distance from the high to low daily candle.The average daily range - is the arithmetic mean of a certain number of days.For example, if we want to know the average range over the past week, it is necessary to take the value of each day.That's 114 points for the Monday, 96 points for the Tuesday, 53 - for Wednesday, 67 for Thursday and Friday for 68-.Fold them, then divide by the total number of days.That is, at 5.

As a result, the average daily range is equal to 80 points.


calculated in the same way any other period.Let's see how the indicator appears.It is installed the same way as any other indicator.If there arise any difficulties, you can get acquainted with the instructions located on our website, using search.We throw on a graph indicator.


window opens with parameters.


and click OK.We see several levels in the lower left corner of the table with the information.Call it an auxiliary window.


main value has two levels, which are the boundaries of ADR.


This range indicates the range around which will move the price.Shows what the potential of the currency pair.The other levels are weekly subsidiary levels.They are calculated on the basis of the same ADR.

Let's look at how taken ADR week.That is, for five days.And ADR in the past month, 20 days.They are added and divided in half.If we add to the result the closing price last Friday, we get week high level.And if from the result subtract the closing price last Friday, we get the level of week low.If the amount of weekly and monthly ADR divided by 4 and add the closing price last Friday, we get the level of week mid high.And, if you take away the closing price on Friday, we get the level of week mid low.The other levels are being completed with the same interval as between the levels of the high and week week mid high.


In sub window, you can find useful information.This is the average daily range for the number of days specified in the settings.Default 5 days.For the previous day.During the week.Per month.And in six months.Just output value of the high and low of the day, and the distance in points from the current price to high and to low.Another shows the value of high and low ADR.And the distance in points from the current price to the upper and lower range limits.

consider how it used in practice.At night, when the US and European markets are closed, the market is fairly sluggish - current.And the main trade begins with the opening of Europe than we can take advantage and try to enter the market at the breakdown of lateral movement of the night.On the M-30 is better seen this trade corridor.Draw resistance levels of support.Resistance level is the same almost weekly level week mid low.After the breakdown of the support level of entering the market, and our goal is the lower limit of ADR.For better reliability can be take profit on a couple of points smaller, because it all - yet the average range.This is not the exact kind of figure.It can be both larger and smaller.But, it will be necessary for the reliability of all - again, to take a little less.As you can see, the price falls further.And it comes to 1.3702.If you're at this level set take profit, the price would not be reached, literally, 1-2 points.


But after such tails and even pinbara, I would deal still closed.Price rested on the lower limit of the range and level of the auxiliary week low, as pinbar.And, it can be expected to try to roll back and quite risky input to the sample's this level.


take profit at the level of the upper limit of ADR small margin, then you can expect about 40-45 points.Less risky entry would be here at the breakdown of the resistance level.


Then it would be possible to count by about 20 points.


Consider a couple of pairs of inputs as an example: the US dollar / Canadian dollar.Here, the 5-day range of 78 points.Go to M-30.Since all we rest at night, and do not sell, then in the morning, I would have gone to the sample's this level.


take profit at the level of the upper limit of ADR with a small margin, and could take about 50 points.That is very good for trading intraday.Also, you can try to go on the sample's this level of support, but it would not be so successful.And I would still did not go, because here the price was already pretty close to the lower boundary of the ADR.


Generally, it is imperative not to buy at the top and sell at the lower end of the range.Also, it is important to follow the release of the news before making any - the decisions and make allowance for the primary trend.Yet there are times when the daily range 1-2 days earlier falls far short of the average range.Then we can expect from the market, it will catch up to normal ADR.

average daily range can be used with any intraday trading strategy as an auxiliary, or the main tool for finding the point of taking profits.

Description indicator settings ADR

Description forex adx indicator settings

option calculation
Day_x - specify how many days will be taken in the calculation of the average daily range

Location window
Corner - indicate the location of the sub window (0 is top leftangle, 1-upper-right, 2-lower left, 2-lower right)

Settings color
ADR_color - the color of text in the auxiliary window
Daily_Hight_Color - color labels Khaya ADR
Daily_Low_Color - color labels Lowe ADR

display settings (Enter hands «Yes» or «No»)
Show_Daily_Hight_Low_Lines - show the high and low average daily range
Show_Weekly_Lines - show auxiliary weekly levels
Show_Mini_ADR - minimization of the auxiliary windows

font settings
Font_Size - set the font size (from 6 to 14)
Vertical_Spacing_Adjustment - given spacing

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