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Forex utility Easy Take Profit

Hello, forex traders are friends!All of you must have heard that the exit point from the position is much more important entry point.Many novice traders periodically have difficulty in placing a stop loss and set goals for the open positions.Someone comes out of positions ahead of, violating the desired ratio of profit to a loss, some also put unrealistic profit targets and wait for the market will deign to reach them, which also leads to sad results.

Also, the majority of beginners there are also problems with the installation of stop-loss.Most often, they fall into two extremes - either put in too small a stop because of the reluctance to lose more or too large feet, and even his absence.

Today we look Adviser EasyTakeProfit , designed to help new traders to place objectives and constraints correctly.Simply put, the adviser shows advised to install the take profit and stop loss.

little theory

Easy Take Profit - theory

placement of the stop "away from sin" reduces the chances of its penetration, while placing t

ake-profit closer to the entry point increases the chances of making a profit before the price breaks foot-loss.

The reason for this is quite simple - at any time the price moves up and down within a certain range for a typical instrument, regardless of trend or something else.If the stop-loss is relatively close to the initial level, then it is likely that it will strike price.In principle, the market likes to let the "spikes", to consolidate and move along the level of stop-loss, very close to being near him and posing a serious risk to its breakthrough.Also, the market likes to test the levels of the previous extremes, for which, as a rule, very often set stop loss orders.Placing a stop-loss outside of the expected range, traders can keep a stop loss at a safe distance, reducing the probability of loss.Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that any signal of your trading strategy may be unprofitable, but setting foot outside the range to protect the position of the random noise of price movements.

EASI TAKE profit1v2

If the stop-loss is not very close to the price, and there is no possibility of breaking at any time, this trade actually has a serious chance to finish with a profit.

So what is the expected range, and how is it calculated?

easitakeprofit - APR

To determine this range is used volatility indicator ATR (Average True Range and Average True Range), invented by George. Welles Wilder for commodity markets.

Traders winners who participated in the study used the average true range (ATR), as a result, it was found that:
1. The probability of a penetration level of stop-loss is sharply reduced, if ATR indicator we use factor of 7 to 12;
2. The probability of a penetration level of take-profit is greatly increased if the indicator ATR we use a factor of 4 to 8.

Using the ATR indicator, a trader can place a stop-loss outside of the expected range, and the level of take profit within the expected range;In this case, you can greatly increase your chances of profitable trading.

other words, the stop loss should be placed so that the probability of their penetration has been low, and vice versa - to take profit levels.Advisor EasyTakeProfit makes the necessary calculations according to this theory and plotted zone to take profits and the installation stops.

Easitakeprofit 2

As you probably already realized by this logic the ratio of average earnings losses will be less than one, that is, win on every trade will be less loss.This increases the probability of achieving the level of take profit and decreases the probability of losing the deal, thereby increasing the amount of profitable trades.This method of determining the objectives and constraints is perfect for working in the day, where the sudden price movements against the position - the usual case.

Do not be afraid of the ratio of profit to the risk of less than one - so many things Scalping Trading Systems.For a longer period, for example, on the daily charts, this technique works much worse.

Installation Expert


expert established by the standard instructions in the folder \ MQL4 \ Experts.Parameter settings in just one - the scale of the control buttons.


Easy Take Profit - application

by experts is very simple - just click on the button corresponding to the opening position, and the graph will be areas for setting stop loss (orange) and take profit (green).The boundaries of these zones are calculated from the current price in accordance with the idea, set out above - to the stop loss, for example, the zone will begin at 7 ATR values ​​from the current price, and have a thickness of 5 values.Stop loss is set anywhere within the orange zone, take profit - within the green.


Easy Take Profit - conclusion

Advisor EasyTakeProfit significantly simplifies the task of finding the best places with a high probability profit to close positions when trading intraday.It is quite easy to use and informative, easy to use, and the lack of options makes use Advisor clear any newcomer.However, you must use this technique wisely.Advisor will not save you from draining the deposit when trading on the money-losing trading strategy or spontaneous inputs "from the bulldozer," but the existing profitable intraday improve the trading system is quite capable.

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