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Learning MQL: Scripts

How to write a script Forex MQL

Dear Sirs programmers!

lessons on MQL4 cycle continues.Today, we are with you shall understand what forex script and what it eats ... At this time we recall a few features Metatrader terminal and apply them in practice.And it is very possible that one of these scripts you will constantly be used when working with the terminal.


How to write a script on mql - homework

Using the knowledge you have gained after a video lesson, I ask you to write:

  • script to install protective pending orders (BuyStop / SellStop) for the already opened positions (volumeorders must be twice the current);
  • script to position the coup, iethe existing order should be closed, and instead open orders in the opposite direction;
  • when writing the first script in this video tutorial, the error was clearly made, which can lead to incorrect operation.Find her and offer his decision.

PS: If you've just joined us begin by reviewing previous lessons:

  • Introducing MQL
  • cycles, functions and order in the EA
  • Writing an adviser on the external displ
  • your first counselor in the Martingale
  • Learning MQL: Trailing stop

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