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" Cracker Forex Pro" - the second edition , improved and expanded

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Hello, dear traders.We bring you the improved version of the multi-currency and already well-known advisor "forex cracker."

Advisor Features

Platform: Metatrader 4
version Adviser: 1.14
Timeframe: H1
Hours: Hour
Recommended DC: Forex4you

FAQ installation

Advisor install as usual.If you are new to the Forex robots and you have a lot of questions, - swing and watch the forex course on autopilot.

Attention! Since Advisor is potentially dangerous, be sure to read the article about the basic principles of trade in hazardous advisors.

Strategy Advisor

Advisor "Forex cracker Pro" uses the martingale strategy.At the time of using theoretical infinite gain is impossible strategy, however, is the periodic withdrawal of the investment, the probability theory works in our favor.Following the withdrawal of the initial investment, a dangerous strategy martingale immediately becomes break-even and h

ighly profitable.

Advisor "Forex cracker Pro" uses 3 skalpingovyh strategy to determine the entry points, which increases the efficiency of trade.Exhibited orders are closed much faster and much more than the single currency system in the previous version, which provides a smooth increase in the deposit with low drawdown.Multi-currency trading is used with individual settings for each pair, which ensures the diversification of trading and risk reduction, due to the fact that for each pair trade significantly reduced lots compared with single-currency strategy, and periods of large drawdowns in all pairs do not coincide at the same time.

Bektesty advisor

Bektesty made for each pair separately, asMetatrader 4 platform does not allow for multi tests.

AUDUSD 2009-2013

Cracker Pro AUD USD 2009-2013

EURCHF 2009-2013

Cracker Pro EURCHF 2009-2013

EURGBP 2009-2013

Cracker Pro EURGBP 2009-2013

EURJPY 2009-2013

Cracker Pro EURJPY 2009-2013

EURUSD 2009-2013

Cracker Pro EURUSD 2009-2013

GBPUSD 2009-2013

Cracker Pro GBP USD 2009-2013

USDCAD 2009-2013

Cracker Pro USDCAD 2009-2013

USDCHF 2009-2013

Cracker Pro USDCHF 2009-2013

USDJPY 2009-2013

Cracker Pro USDJPY 2009-2013

As you can see, the periods of subsidence does not occur simultaneously on all pairs are used, which increases the security of trade.

P.S.Results bektestov on different brokers, different types of accounts and different start time - may differ from the data contained, but the principle of diversification will also be evident.

monitoring real account

settings Description

UseManualLots - if you are using the initial lot (Lots) is greater than 0.01, you should put the value TRUE

Lots - the initial auction, the default is 0.01

Booster - lots magnification at the net orders

TakeProfit - TakeProfit in pips

PipStarter - the distance between the orders in the grid

TurboMode - option to increase of profitable work in flat

TurboDivider - orederov number in the grid, which is activated after TurboMode

ContinueTrading - termination of the option after the closure of current orders.When TRUE normal trade regime in FALSE after the close of the current grid with new orders will not be built.

MM - Money management system, risk management system by automatically increasing the lot with the balance of the change.Calculated as Lots = 0.00001 * (AccountBalance / Divider).Default is disabled.

Divider - a parameter for the calculation of Money management, examples of calculation of lots:

$ 100,000 - Divider 100 = 0.01 lots
$ 100,000 - Divider 10 = 0.1 lots
$ 200,000 - Divider 100 = 0.02 lots
$ 200,000 - Divider 10 = 0.2 lots
$ 10,000 - Divider 100 = 0.001 lots
$ 10,000 - Divider 10 = 0.01 lots
$ 10,000 - Divider 1 = 0.1 lots
$ 20,000 - Divider 100 = 0.002 lots
$ 20,000 - Divider 10 = 0.02 lots
$ 20,000 - Divider 1 = 0.1 lots
$ 5,000 -Divider 10 = 0.005 lots
$ 5,000 - Divider 1 = 0.05 lots
$ 5,000 - Divider 0.5 = 0.1 lots

chartDisplay - displays information about the EA on screen

UseStopLossPct - enabling the option StopLossPct

StopLossPct - drawdown sizeas a percentage of the balance, in which all transactions will be forcibly closed.This parameter is used as emergency protection from a full discharge of the deposit with a very strong trend.

UseTakeProfitPCT -Turn options TakeProfitPCT

TakeProfitPCT - profit margins as a percentage of the balance, in which all transactions will be forced to close.

UseTrailingStop - enabling the option trailing

StartTrailing - number of pips to include trailing

StopTrailing - Trailing Stop size in pips

UseStrategy_1 - the option of using the 1st strategy
MagicNumber_1 - Magicfor the orders of the 1st strategy
MaxTrades_1 - the maximum number of orders for the 1st strategy
UseStrategy_2 - use option 2 nd strategy
MagicNumber_2 - Magic for orders 2nd strategy
MaxTrades_2 - the maximum number of warrants2 nd strategy
UseStrategy_3 - use optional third strategy
MagicNumber_3 - Magic for orders 3rd strategy
MaxTrades_3 - the maximum number of orders for the third strategy

UseDollarTakeProfit_s1 - including DollarTakeProfit_s1 options

DollarTakeProfit_s1 - the amount of profit in the deposit currency in which will close the order on 1st strategy

UseDollarTakeProfit_s2 - including DollarTakeProfit_s2

DollarTakeProfit_s2 option - the amount of profit in the deposit currency in which will close the order on the 2ndstrategy

UseDollarTakeProfit_s3 - including DollarTakeProfit_s3

DollarTakeProfit_s3 option - the amount of profit in the deposit currency in which will close the warrant for the 3rd strategy

system1_comment - comment to transactions on the 1st strategy

system2_comment - comment to transactions on the 2nd strategy

system3_comment - comment to transactions on the 3rd strategy

Attention!Do not change anything in the appended sets, if you do not know what you are doing!

recommended money management

not less than 1000 units of currency per lot 0.01 for each pair used.

Conclusion This EA is one of the dangerous, it is recommended to withdraw profit once a month or more often, under this condition, the adviser works successfully on real accounts.

Important !!!

to run correctly advisor trading platform should be included with the evening opening of the market on Sunday before it closed on Friday evening.If you are unable to keep the computer in working order 24/5, I advise you to use VPS server service.

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Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4