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often want to see before the eyes of account statistics to uplift the spirit.Some traders also deliberately put restrictions on profit or loss in points or percentage of the balance sheet, above which they end up trading the next day, week or month.How to do it?Previously, you had to go to other sites to the monitoring or calculating all in your mind, that you will agree, is not convenient.

indicator Features

Platform: the Metatrader 4
Currency pairs: any
Timeframe: any
indicator Type: Information


Installation iprofit indicator

indicator is set in the same way as any other.


use indicator iprofit

Today I will tell you about an interesting indicator of the well-known in narrow circles KimIV programmer traders.This indicator shows the profit and loss account at the points of the deposit terms and interest rates, as well as the cumulative total lot position.At the same time, these data are broken down by time - today, yesterday, week, month, quarter, year, starting with a date set by the user in the s


2 forex indicator on the chart iprofit

This indicator has been modified by our colleague, Dimitri aka forumchanin ForexDE.In particular, it adds the ability to change the snap angle dashboard display, color settings, and font sizes, and the alignment of columns and some other minor changes.Say thank you, Dmitry!I also could not ignore one small flaw, namely some numerals in the settings of the indicator was replaced in the text, in particular parameter binding to a specific angle is now set not a number from 0 to 3, and the selection of "top left", "lower right"angle from the drop down menu.In my opinion it is more convenient than to remember what the figure indicated by a corner.

1 Settings indicator forex Iprofit

So I did, and with the choice of the date of commencement of the period for the calculation of profits.


3 settings iprofit

All indicator settings are displayed in the terminal in Russian and should not be difficult, but just in case I will talk about them.

  • angle snap indicator - upper left, lower left, upper right, lower right;
  • Calculation of percentage of profit with respect to - the current account, the balance at the beginning of the day, the balance at the beginning of the week, the balance at the beginning of the month, the balance at the beginning of the quarter, the balance at the beginning of the year.
  • Offset text vertically
  • Step offset text vertically
  • X coordinate of the first column, X coordinate of the second column, X coordinate column thirds X coordinate of the fourth column, X coordinate of the fifth column - coordinates of the columns needed for the column settings in case of selectionlarge font size
  • text color, profits, loss Color - Set color of text
  • text font - Select the font.If you wish to change the font, it is necessary to drive in his name by hand.This font must be of the standard options available in windows.
  • font size - font height.


Finally, the indicator forex iprofit

This indicator is undoubtedly very convenient.It saves you from having to go to your page in myfxbook.The indicator is constantly before the eyes of the graph shows only basic information, as opposed to monitoring, it is easier, more convenient, informative.

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