Lessons on MQL

MQL - write grid Advisor

MQL programming grid Advisor

Welcome, gentlemen merchants!Many of you have worked with a variety of grid experts, but also certainly want to learn how to write them yourself.So, our next lesson is dedicated to the development of MQL Forex Advisor, based on a grid.Let us wait a little, but the profit we get!


MQL Programming homework 7

  • Fill adviser so that the check not two, but three RSI values, it is so, perhaps you can better track the trend in the growth / decline of the RSI indicator, and thus improveentry into the market.
  • Imagine that in the work of an expert you suddenly decide to change the Take Profit in this EA, but a change of this parameter is now does not give anything.Modify the expert so that your every parameter change Take Profit has led to an automatic change TakeProfit market orders.
  • Change Advisor so that and the next order (after the first) and open only when the rising / falling indicator RSI (of course depending on the direction of orders).