Forex Analysis

Analytical review of trending tools on 02/02/2016

Hello.Below is some advice on forex trading on 2.02.2016

Calendar anticipated events

12:00 Eurozone.Changing the number of unemployed in Germany
12:30 UK.The index of business activity in the manufacturing sector


YuSDHFDaili 2022016

on USDCHF pair formed a pattern of inner bar area of ​​1.02000.I think that we will see continued growth in the coming days to at least 1.03000.Continued growth also contributes to the advantage of sellers on the open transactions.


USDZhPIDaili 2022016

On USDJPY rose very well on Friday and I would like to see a course correction of at least half of the candle.But it is possible to continue to grow without correction to 122,500.Purchases think worth looking at more junior TF, becausestop on the daily chart is obtained very high.

Fundamental analysis


Asian stocks fell today, mainly due to the fact that oil prices slid on fears of oversupply and because of dismal manufacturing data raises questions about the prospects of further slowing the world economy.

European exchanges already feel the pressure of coming from the Asian region: the British FTSE 100 started trading by 0.6%, the German DAX weakened by 0.7% and the French CAC 40 also opened down 0.6%.

MSCI broadest index of shares on the Asia-Pacific region outside of Japan at the moment on the decrease by almost 1%.

But despite the weak reading on the manufacturing, Chinese stocks rebounded today, led by small-cap securities.The Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.8%, while the BlueChip CSI300 added 1.8%.

prospects for the Asian region in the short term is not very encouraging, as the weak manufacturing data, one of the key indicators of the economy, still take their own, undermining the investment interest in the region.

Japan, meanwhile, passed a little, breaking a two-day series of successes against the decision of the central bank to take a negative rate.Nikkey 225 fell by 0.6%.


US oil fell by 1.8% to $ 31.05 a barrel after skidding by as much as 7% overnight, as a result of the pressure of weak economic data from China.US predicts warm weather and doubts that global suppliers will be able to agree on measures to overcome the global glut.

Despite the decline, crude oil in the US is still nearly 19% above 12-year low of $ 26.19 struck in mid-January.

Prices slightly back to reality, holding above $ 30 a barrel.Oil has faced fresh pressure after data showed the January production minimums 2012.


Australian dollar fell about 0.5% to $ 0.7075, having tested in the course of trading seven-year low of $ 0.6827.

As expected, the Reserve Bank of Australia left interest rates unchanged at a record low of 2.0%.And although the bank hoped to growth prospects, he asserts is that in case of the need to support the economy and possible further reduction.
Overall cool markets reacted to the results of presidential nominations to the republican primary elections, Iowa.Futures S & amp; P 500 fell by 0.4 in response to oil price movements.Wall Street suffered modest losses on Monday after global data on production, showing oversupply.

Global expansion has accelerated the production of a few, but remains weak in early 2016, as the rapid growth in the developed markets can not compensate for the reduction in emerging economies.

US economic data show that manufacturing showed slowing activity in January, for the fourth month in a row, as the plants suffer from a stronger dollar and lower oil prices, which force energy companies to reduce costs, but now the rate of decline seems to slow down.


euro rose 0.1% to $ 1.0899, bogged down in the last bands being limited income due to disappointing manufacturing data in the eurozone.

In addition, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi podchergnul risks Prospects review of monetary policy in early March.

Eurozone is now a pretty sad sight against the backdrop of unrealized potential, donated by the warm response to the decline in investment rates, which could not, however, cover a number of structural economic problems in production.