" Back to school " : webinar - line for traders

The importance of learning forex

Hello friends!Already almost here on 1 September and it was time to study.What this means for forex trader?Firstly the market return volatility, and secondly, we again have to face the unexpected strong movements somewhere to reconsider their views may make changes in its strategy and, of course, continue to learn about trading.

But what is worth studying and what is not?How to filter the huge flow of information about the market?Is there a limit when you have to stay?Is knowledge - is power?On this and many other things we talk on a free webinar « Back to School".

What you will learn in the webinar?

  • What really need to learn to be successful in trading?
  • How to isolate the most important thing from a huge flow of information?
  • What books can help you?
  • Is important knowledge on forex?
  • Checklist trading aspects that you need to learn
  • And more

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links made during the webinar: