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Zerg Advisor - stability , multiplied by the profit

Forex Advisor Zerg download

Hello, dear traders.We present our profitable forex Zerg Advisor.Its distinguishing feature is the grid strategy used for the cross-rate AUDNZD.Interestingly expert that giving profit, it shows a surprisingly stable graph.

Advisor Features

Platform: the Metatrader 4
version Adviser: 1.0
Currency pairs: AUDNZD
Timeframe: M15
Hours: around the clock
Recommended broker: Alpari, Forex4You

FAQ Installation

Advisor is installed asusually.If you are new to the Forex robots and you have a lot of questions, - swing and watch the forex course on autopilot.

Attention! Since Advisor is potentially dangerous, be sure to read the article about the basic principles of trading robots based on averaging.

Strategy Advisor

Login transaction is calculated on indicators, and further, in the case of price movement in the direction opposite to the entrance, exposed a series of orders fixed lot with a fixed distance between them (so-called mesh orders, because of what robotsthis is called the principle

of setochnikami ).Advisor expects rollback, which closes with a series of orders with a profit.Advisor is tuning parameters otderov grid that allows experienced traders to adjust the aggressiveness of trade.

Bektest advisor



Zerg 2008-2013 As you can see, the adviser is quite profitable at moderate risk.

monitoring real account

settings Description

  • MM_Settings - Settings section of money management
  • MM_UseMoneyManagement - switch use the built-in money management can be true or false
  • MM_LotSize - lot size in relation to the value of MM_PerHowMuchEquity
  • MM_PerHowMuchEquity - the size of the deposit, in relation to which the auction is calculated mani menedzhenta.For example, the default is lot 0.01 2000
  • FixedLots - the value of the fixed lot, it chovetnik uses slechae if MM_UseMoneyManagement well false
  • Grid_Settings - mesh settings section warrants
  • MaxOpenOrders - the maximum number of simultaneousopen orders
  • GridOrderGapPips - the distance between the grid orders in piunktah
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss in points
  • MagicNumber - Magic for orders
  • slippage - slippage in the execution of orders

Attention!Do not change anything in the EA settings and use only the recommended values, if not exactly understand what you are doing!

recommended money management

Lot 0.01 for every 2000 units of the currency on the account.


Advisor Zerg is profitable robot grid type, which has been successfully working on the real traders' accounts.

Important !!!

to run correctly advisor trading platform should be included with the evening opening of the market on Sunday before it closed on Friday evening.If you are unable to keep the computer in working order 24/5, it is recommended to use VPS server service.

Advisor Download «Zerg»

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